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playdough colour themed activity ideas for children's play and adults well-being
Playdough activity ideas for children and adults  News page

Here you'll find all the activity pages, news and updates added to the site throughout 2016 and 2017

News for November 2017

Fir cone outline template playdough mat colouring picture

Fir cone outline playdough mat! Have fun with a set of festive colours and once they've mixed to brown, build towers with fir cones or create models using handcut craft foam scales - pine cone factory activity on
Fir or pine cones on  
Brown craft foam  
Artificial fir branches - cut the needles and position in the dough
Christmas playdough colours
Fir cone towers using brown playdough
Pine cone printables

 Use brown playdough, the Hickory Dickory Dock mice, black currant buttons, red cherry pompoms  and cupcake cases to make festive Christmas puddings & a storytime treat Twas the night before storybook

The frost has arrived & with the trees   now nearly bare we're celebrating evergreens with some holly and berry rolling activities!   
Christmas pudding making with playdough and nibbling mice ..
Holly berry ball rolling playdough activities

Yuletide stockings! Full activity page on its way, in the meantime grab a headstart with one large stocking playdough mat and two smaller printables ideal for building your own stocking filler or stuffer kits!  Include a Doh-Vinci design set and get ready for some seriously festive decorating. Minimise the print size of the stockings to create bunting sized images.

Red Xmas stocking play dough mat printable
Red and yellow A5 sized playdough mats

Not too long until the countdown to gift giving begins .. celebrate the excitement with a Play-Doh calendar or a Doh-Vinci set for the design lover in your family

Odd Socks picture printable for designing personalised patterns and sequences.'s national campaign week & how to hold an odd socks day

A new poppy picture has been added for colouring, tracing and filling with modelled pieces of playdough.  As we approach November 11th and Armistice Day you can add your support through The British Legion's donation page and their poppy shop or to Poppy Scotland and their fundraising work.   

Odd Socks picture printable
Poppy pictures black white line drawing flower printable

Stay safe tonight, if planning on a bonfire don't forget to check for hedgehogs under and around or if you're attending a planned event have the best fun! 

An extra hedgehog outline picture added :) Don't forget to check mounds of leaves in the run up to November 5th or ideally have a great time at your locally organised firework events 

News for October 2017

Broomsticks to model! and then fireworks to design ..

Happy Halloween to everyone xx
Broomstick modelling activities
Firework playdough

Amazon are giving away free Play-Doh & other stocking filler goodies with any £30+ order  from the Toy department.  You must add one free toy sample box to your order to receive it - free amazon box here

Offer ends 23rd November at 11.59pm or until stocks last - full terms and conditions

It's a slow development, but there is a broomstick rope rolling activity on the way that accompanies this colour broomstick playdough mat & a besom broom outline template

Colour broomstick playdough mat
Besom broomstick outline template
Halloween playdough

 With only 6 days left until Halloween pick up a set of dough cutters on amazon and a storybook to enjoy the day and evening - Tappity Tap hat was that? and  Spookyrumpus 

Heinz and Hasbro Play-Doh team up for a campaign of giveaways, enter yourlabel details here
then expand on your beany fun & games with a set of baked bean themed counting mats

Playdough baked beans counting mat printables

 Following on with another nursery rhyme have fun with some cute finger mice puppets and some playdough clock counting mats on the Hickory Dickory dock page 

 Twinkle Twinkle little star playdough mat printables  
Twinkle star playdough mat printables
Hickory Dickory Dock printables

Amazon have just launched a new Dash Button for Play-Doh prime members - free trial sign up, so now you need never run out or buy too much!

Fun read over on 106 reasons to not leave the house  

 Hedgehog playdough mats to inspire ball rolling and spiky play!

Autumn themed playdough ideas  and some leaf fall printables on their way ..
Hedgehog playdough
Autumn themed playdough ideas

 Halloween playdough mats section and a new bat wing activity sheet for dot joining - link fixed sorry

 Acorns! now's the time to collect empty acorn cups for playdough making, counting and sorting

 Bat wings!  cut straws and stems and join them together using beads and ropes of playdough. Explore different lengths, numbers and the nocturnal animals that wake whilst we sleep. 
Bat playdough activity
Acorn playdough mat printables
News for September 2017

 Conkers in dough! more preschool printables over on

 Bumble bee stripes
- printables over on  

Bumble bee printables
Conker playdough activities

Use leaf cutters and a dice to feed the hungry monsters in autumn!

Halloween playdough
& links to activities across the site 
Halloween playdough
Hungry monsters in autumn

Whiskers and the odd eyelash or two! rope rolling activities that help to strengthen the small muscles of the hands.

 Poppies & playdough new printables and ideas to celebrate wild flowers and mark Remembrance Day
Playdough whisker rolling!
Poppy playdough activity

 7 new spiderweb templates added for some creepy crawly fun! & not forgetting pumpkin games!
Spider web activities with printables, thread, scissors, dough and spiders!
Pumpkin patch pladough counting game

 Poppy templates for fabric and paper craft, more poppy printables on the way ..

 Corn grain playdough mats  nice counting activity for our youngest harvesters :)
Poppy making outline templates
Wheat grain themed counting mats for preschool aged children

More pizza playdough printables to enjoy rolling sheets and veggie toppings!

 We recieved a request about making Panda bears, thank you xx  Here's our take, how to make a Panda from playdough with more Panda printables here
Pizza playdough activities
Making a Panda Bear form rolled balls of playdough

Minions! roll sausages of yellow dough and add eyes

A new pizza box outline template is available to print, cut and assemble. Stack your newly made boxes and fill them with a selection of playdough loaded creations! More pizza themed activity ideas on the way ..
Minions playdough
Playdough pizza box printable
News for August 2017

Twinkle Twinkle little star playdough activities. New photos added

Natural playdough dyes, all the current dye recipes together under one title! If you're out and about this lovely (so far) bank holiday weekend pick a few fruits to enjoy with dough.
Colouring playdough with natural dyes from fruit vegetables and plants
Twinkle Twinkle little star printable
Raspberry dyed playdough activities there's a definite theme developing!
Blueberry dye recipe, fabric and playdough colouring!
Stain playdough and fabric with a recipe for blueberry dye
Raspberry playdough dyeing recipe and activities
Blackberry dye, playdough recipe
Green grass dye recipe colouring playdough naturally!
Make a grass dye to stain playdough, great mud kitchen recipe
Blackberry staining playdough activity
Counting games find a variety of number based playdough activities
Pumpkin patch playdough game  and a new slime putty recipe page!
Pumpkin patch pladough counting game
Slime and flubber putty recipe
Pumpkin spiced playdough recipe autumn must be in the air!!
Havest counting mats are now available to print from the wholegrain playdough recipe page
Frozen themed playdough activities including an ice and snowflake playdough mat
Frozen themed playdough activity
Wheat grain themed counting mats for preschool aged children

4 new wheat themed playdough mats have been added to the wholegrain recipe page. Preschool aged activity sheets: counting, colouring, shaping and tracing activities 
Happy Lammas! silkysteps' harvest scarecrow activity compliments a wholegrain playdough recipe
News for July 2017
Coloured playdough face mats have been added to the outline's activity page

YouTube, algorhithm, and how one video, 'pressing sparkly Play-Doh onto chintzy Disney princess figurines has been viewed 550 million times' - on The

and a great read from Tiffany Madsen colomnist on Grandrapidsms about the benefits, ins and outs of playing with dough - The importance of play with PlayDoh

Excellent alien and spaceship making fun to be had by those visiting the UK's Worcester's Gheluvelt Park on August 13th! and in the USA, Reader's Digest puts Hasbro's Play-Doh in the top 10 of the most memorable childhood scents for Millennials! 
Happy Summer holidays! Lego and playdough, an awesome combination for mark making!
Playdough Turkeys! make your own gobbly birds using  paper feather templates 
A list of summer holiday playdough ideas
Summer holiday playdough activity ideas
Playdough Turkeys and a tail fan of colour

Semblance is a newindie game to look out for in 2018, with malleable landscapes the player guides the character Squish around a world, problem solving by shaping objects. Thegame's objective is caused  by an invasion of hard materials, whereby 'Squish must collect the very essences of their world to bring the soft world back to life'.

 Wholemeal playdough recipe, play bakeries, plait loaves, roll rolls, and sell your pretend wares!

 Playdough games is a new page listing activity ideas that involve 'rules' 

 Raindrops and umbrellas! counting game for young children to enjoy, and a puddle playdoughmat to collage on.
Raindrop counting Wholemeal playdough recipe

A very merry summertime to everyone who celebrated Solstice!  Spiderweb playdough mats are now available onsite so that these creature crawlies can be enjoyed indoors and out!

and many congratulations to Dough Universe's kickstarter campaign receiving its full funding  :D

Bedtime Bear's duvet cover design

Spider web playdough mat activities
News for June 2017

Hot Hot Hot! Staggering 30ºC up here in the UK's NE today.  Join us experimenting with freeze boards, locked & taped inside grip sealed bags and used to flatten, squash & shape the dough, plus keep our hands nicely chillled!  800g base boards and smaller 200g as paddles  
Very creative and somewhat gross use of Play-doh! Special effects creating a gunshot wound video
 Bedtime bear  create patterns and build designs across the surface of Bear's duvet whilst he's tucked up safely inside & snoring! This activity is linked to Bear's Bedtime nursery rhyme on
 Hedgehog prickles playdough is a nice way to remember that checking gardens before strimming can save lives & to discuss what to do if a nest of babiesis uncovered - ways to help hedgehogs.

New playdough toy on Kickstarter!  Developed by Tech Will Save Us dough universe is looking for support.USA based delivers worldwide

Play-Doh likened to Venus'planetary crust on The National.Scot  Build your playdough volcanoesaround empty 250ml bottles, add 3 teaspoons of bicarbonate of soda, a few drops of food colouring and then when ready pour in some white vinegar ..
News for May 2017
An oops now sorted! link to the brussels sprouts sheet numbered 1-12 fixed
F1 racing car games! colour your car outline, build a playdough driver and race without losing a head!
Playdough racing car games
Hedgehog playdough activities

Eurovision playdough! what hairstyle will your star choose?!
Playdough shape mats with outline templates
Ten Play-Doh renedered photos by Eleanor Macnair's on

Twinkle Twinkle little star playdough activities
Happy Mayday! with Play-Doh's Fun Factory extruder, squeeze reams of ribbon & mix them with satin legnths to model, wrap and dress poles for dancing!
News for April 2017

stock up on Play-Doh from
Playdough face mats sculpt a nose & position an eye! Buy laminated playdough mats on ebay
Twiggy bird nests - tis the season of peeping chicks!
Two new photos added to the Hungry Monsters playdough page
Sunflower seeds playdough collage and preschool counting activities
Easter rabbits page with bead threading activity ideas  
Sunflower seeds and playdough activities
Easter playdough bead threading activity idea

Pots and pans on for cooking up a feast of doughy food!
F.L.O.W.E.R. travelling over Easter?  car check words with an outline sunflower for car journey modelling
Seaside beach mash - photo added to the gallery
Playdough mash activities using tools from the kitchen drawer!
Playdough activity plan  to help prepare and organise your ingredients, tools and printables

The new Play-Doh magazine is on sale today :) lots of craft & modeling fun. We purchased ours from Sainsburys with thanks tothe lovely shop floor assistant who went to find it!
Brussels Sprouts squashing game!
Playdough articles is a new set of interest pages  
Play-Doh kids magazin on sale 5th April 2017
Playdough Brussels Sprouts squashing & counting game activity

News for March 2017

Easter bunnies! number printables with bouncy pastel rabbits

 Fantastic Beasts DVD & Bluray released in the UK today! Build a forest of wand-wood trees and see if you can spot a Bowtruckle protector amongst the leaves - Bowtruckle playdough activity     
Playdough bead threading activity idea for preschool fine motor skill development
Bowtruckle playdough tree guards

Tomorrow is Mother's Day in the UK and for year-round valued Mums & Nannas how about celebrating the day with a cookie making session, some playdough daffodils and sowing sunflower seeds from 
Busy working on some Easter bunnies! Hot Cross Bunny children's picture book is a greatread
Perfect reward for a job well done!  Filmmaker James Dunn gifts tubs of Play-Doh to set members
Superhero playdough! with coloured cape landscapes& wearable eye masks!
First day of spring!  print and play with a selection of spring themed playdough ideas
Creating with Clay - blog on the UKs Early Education & Children as artists publication by Cathy Myer

Therapy scented dough for adults and children on an aromatic, tactile way to support focus, deep thought and offer comfort in times of stress. Keep in a pocket, by the phone or on a coffee table   
Rays of sunshine! sunny suns for summer :D
a newset of outline word sheets for each season    
Tadpole Tails! count and order
Rays of sunshine - playdough activities
Tadpole playdough counting activities
News forMarch 2017
Don'tforget our Twiggy Bird Nest activity perfect for foraged stick and twig treasures!
Play-Doh's Ultimate Rainbow selection of colours all in one box! on
Daffodil gift bag topper for anyone celebrating spring or Easter
A daffodil playdough mat added and a 'What to do with playdough' article page 
Daffodil playdough - playing with petals, trumpets, stalks and leaves!  
Hasbro Play-Doh have a few Easter themed sets that are ideal for the upcoming spingtime holiday!
Five more photos added to the playdough gallery starting on page 11
Easter themed colour sorting - print the outlines,roll, count & sort balls of playdough on
Easter play-doh sets - playdough activities for the spring
Easter colouring sorting and playdough ball counting
Plan ahead for the NSPCC's Big Board Game day with our Grumpy Troll bridge building game

News for February 2017

PANCAKE DAY!! happy flipping & tossing :) lemon peel playdough recipe  
Grumpy Troll and the Billy Goats Gruff
Lemon peel pancake playdough recipe
27.2.2017 take a look at the USA's Lacy Knudson's stunning work with play-doh on  
New playdough activity idea
26.2.2017 Turning buttons into playdough stamps
25.2.2017 with the weather warming up, gather some sticks to make twiggy bird nests!
Hasbro files a registration to trademark Play-Doh's unmistakeable scent - full story on Law360
24.2.2017 a few photos aded to the rainbow playdough page  
23.2.2017 Half way through half term here in the UK's North! Join Amazon Prime and have play-doh delivered as quickly as next day! 
New playdough activity idea 21.2.2017 Hungry monsters & counting pieces of playdough!
20.2.2017 Play-Doh's flower maker tools available on
19.2.2017 stunning collection of makes from USA's Beastlies creator Leslie Levings   
18.2.2017  Play-Doh launch game! great UK half-term fun! available to buy on
Play-Doh launch game
Purchase surface stampers on
16.2.2017  Use waffle moulds with playdough and fill the indentations with polymer clay beads
New playdough activity idea 15.2.2017  Looking ahead to 28th February! & playdough pancake tossing on Shrove Tuesday
14.2.2017 Hoping everyone had a very special someone to cuddle up with today:) Valentine's Day love
12.2.2017 Two days until Valentine's day. Our playdough ideas are heart filled activities!    
11.2.2017 Mess free playdough-in-a-bag - put flour, powder paint and water into a grip seal bag and squash!
Mix and squash a bag of flour, paint & water to make a clean no mess dough!
Red playdough love heart
New playdough activity idea 7.2.2017 Beanstalk playdough rolling, measuring and sequencing cards
New playdough activity idea 4.2.2017 Fibre slime recipe - a flubbery putty dough!
New playdough activity idea 30.1.2017 Playdough activity ideas for adults - the beginning of an ongoing collection!
New playdough activity idea 27.1.2017 Valentine's day playdough & pictures with lots of heart :)
26.1.2017 the Early Hand Skills of children that playdough helps to support on
25.1.2017 as the USA celebrates National Pie Day! here in the UK you can bake up a tray filled with golden crusted yumminess using Play-Doh's playful pies dough set 
24.1.2017 Read how playdough cansupportchildren's early writing skills UK Nancy Gedge on
23.1.2017 Source a kit that electrifies your playdough!
22.1.2017 See how the UK's Eleanor Macnair renders famous photographs in play-doh
New playdough activity idea 21.1.2017 Lavender hugs for a scented playdough experience!
21.1.2017 Play-Doh's new Touch to Life brings doughy creations to.. life!
Play-Doh new toy and app Touch to Life
20.1.2017 Great listening from USA's Rae Pica & Maryann Kohl as they talk about early childhood Art V Craft
19.1.2017 Happy national popcorn day! munching monsters are a great way to explore maize kernels before and after popping!

New playdough activity idea 15.1.2017 Grumpy Troll & the Billy Goats Gruff story & playdough game
New playdough activity idea 14.1.2017 Rainbow heart stacks for Valentine's Day

Happy New Year!  

popcorn playdough - munching monster activity
Happy New Year! wishing visitors a healthy, kind and prosperous 2017
17.12.2016 Santa's spaghetti string beard

15.12.2016 Gingerbread playdough recipe and gift bag topper

8.12.2016 Cranberry playdough recipe

7.12.2016 Playdough cement - contruction role play with building blocks & tools

19.10.2016 Christmas play dough gift set - a jar full of Xmas tree decorating!

4.12.2016 The Snow Angel storybook & role playing play dough activities

13.11.2016 Acorn cups - countingactivities  

13.11.2016 Holly berry and glitter counting activity 

13.10.2016 Wiggly worm playdough and soil patch counting

6.11.2016 Beans on bread counting

30.10.2016 Firework playdough - black playdough and glitter crackling sparklers

19.10.2016 Pumpkin shapes and playdough mats 

18.10.2016 Daylight Saving Time - sun clocks

3.10.2016 Ping pong eyeballs - Halloween vampires and moon monsters

2.10.2016 Ping pong snowball & snowpeople stacking

2.10.2016 Halloween playdough jars - witches and wizard hats

26.9.2016 Mummy  Wraps - bandages for Halloween or an Egyptian theme
22.9.2016 Embossing and design printing on the surface of dough

20.9.2016 Panda Bear black & white playdough activities    

16.9.2016 Mer Island - a mermaid and mermen playdough activity

4.8.2016 EU European Union flag playdough activities

15.5.2016 Incy Wincy Spider playdough activity  

9.5.2016 Sand clay recipe for beach themed handprint plaques    

2.5.2016 Hickory Dickory Dock - playdough mice & clocks!

9.5.2016 Sand clay recipe for beach themed handprint plaques    

2.5.2016  Hickory Dickory Dock - playdough mice & clocks!

27.4.2016 Mouldy Play-Doh?
23.4.2016 Cl'awsome crabs playdough activity  

19.3.2016  Birthday cake candle blowing with conductive dough & LEDs

19.3.2016 Conductive playdough guide  light up your doughy activities!

14.3.2016 Unicorns horses and zebras!

21.2.2016 Cooked playdough recipe 

19.2.2016 Twiggy, spring time bird nest and egg playdough activity

9.2.2016   Valentine's day heart and word reveal pictures

30.1.2016 Hedgehog prickles  

26.1.2016  Vapour rub and mint leaf playdough

25.1.2016 Orange peel & clove sensory playdough

24.1.2016 Twinkle twinkle little stars playdough         

22.1.2016 Snowflake skies - and a snowman playdough mat for collage

1.1.2016  hello t'internet!! a brand new site and more space for fresh ideas! the majority of activity links are currently to silkysteps playdough pages, the balance will soon shift :)

Pony beads for collage and threading
buttons for collaging on the surface of playdough
Mixed wooden matchsticks
Glitter tubs to add playdough sparkle
Buy aromatherapy oils on
Colouring playdough to add interest
Buy Play-Doh on
Buy left and right handed children's safety scissors on


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