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Playdough activity ideas for children and adults The Snow Angel by Christine Leeson and Jane Chapman is a great resource to celebrate the chillier times of year and through storytelling to examine how birds migrate annually in search of warmer weather and food. This activity idea blends dioramic activities, character figures or finger puppets, role play, loose media and playdough alongside the book's message of how we're able to look out for each other. Extrude and cut clumps of green doughy grass and roll out sheets of frosty white snow, build patterns in the surface with a range of winter themed collage materials.
Snow goose and mice finger puppet play dough storytelling activities

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Green & white playdough - recipe and extruder tools

The Snow Angel book

Setting the scene               
Making frozen ponds
Possible art materials:  aluminium foil - card - stick glue

Making foil icicles and winter white trees

Possible art materials: branches - white paint, foil - string - PVA glue - glitter

Making feathers: paper straws for the rachis/quill, scissors and sticky tape - anatomy - named parts of a feather 

Making finger puppets or plastic role play figures: goose - swan - mice

Loose media for role play: artificial snow  - glass pebbles - table confetti - diamond icicle bead garland and scissors
Making paper loop finger puppets
Goose and mice finger puppet paper crafts  

Feather templates
Feather shapes
Snow goose finger puppet

Mice finger puppets + string for the tails 
Feather picture templates
Feather outline template pattern
Illustrated snow goose finger puppet printable
Mice finger puppet printable template pictures

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Diamond beaded Christmas garland
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Creating the scene

Frozen icy ponds can be made by marking and cutting out a shape from card, covering the surface with stick glue and securing a sheet of aluminium foil or paper over the top. Fold the raw edges underneath and secure them with sticky tape.
Making icy ponds from foil and card
Winter craft activity - branch painting and foil icicle sculpting
Small world role play- winter white activity
Frozen trees & frosty foil icicles

We used autumn prunings to create our winter trees - the twiggy example featured in the photo is from the gloriously scented rosemary. Set the de-leafed branch into a small mound of airdrying clay, which once solid can be given a coat of white acrylic or emulsion paint. Whilst the paint is still wet, and if wanted sprinkle iridescent glitter over the surface before setting it aside to dry.

Make any number of icicles by knotting a loop of string and placing the knot at the top of a folded sheet of foil. Scrunch the foil around the knot to secure it in place and shape the body section into twisting pointed icicle. Brush on PVA glue and sprinkle with glitter, finishing off by hanging it up to dr


Use the story as a guide to role playing with plastic figures, illustrated finger puppets - goose - mice or children's own designs. Source food eg. nuts, seeds and play fruit

Feeding wild birds in winter -

Feathers we were most fortunate to find a seller offering their own Dove's naturally shed feathers. Once cleaned in milton fluid we made contrasting faux versions from paper and polar fleece, snipping the vane to create the barbed feathery sides. Use these soft downy plumes - the gift given to the mice as bedding.

Play! roll out, snip, cut, extrude, mould and sculpt. Make surface impressions and build patterns, story tell, count and design as fine motor skills, dexterity and hand strength are all developed.     
Frozen themed winter white snowflake play dough activities
Build patterns in the surface of snowy white play dough

Diamond beaded Christmas garland
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