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Playdough recipes - edible and non-edible
an alphabetical list of playdough activities and ideas
playdough colour themed activity ideas for children's play and adults well-being
Playdough activity ideas for children and adults  Playdough activities by age

The complexity of different dough activities links to personal interests, stages of development and any particular needs. The ideas below are a guide only, please adapt them in anyway that you feel is relevant xx

Children between 0-1 yr old might
begin the weaning process
take part in patting, squeezing, tasting items they hold
want to copy your actions
try finger pressing small balls of dough
have impressions taken in dough/clay of their hands and feet

Play and sing Pat a cake, pat acake baker man ..
 Edible playdough recipes

Information on baby led weaning
Physiotheray playdough publication 18mths - 2yrs from Leics NHS

Children 2-5 in addition to the last, might
enjoy pulling, rolling, cutting, filling containers, squashing and decorating lumps of dough
use dough to build small world role play environments
use dough as a connective material in construciton  projects
roll sheets of dough as a base for inserting items to count, sort & pattern make.
begin and practice using scissors and cutlery to cut and move sections of dough.
scribe and mark make into the surface of dough

The majority of activities on the website are aimed at supporting children of this age group - alphabet of playdough  

The range of toys from Hasbro Play-doh

Every day's a learning day for 0 - 3 years olds
 Children as artists - BAECE
 Science all round - BAECE
Hand strength ideas from Derbyshire NHS

Children 6-10 in addition to the last, might
role play with models through imaginative play
cut sheets and ropes of dough using a knife
etch designs into the dough's surface
roll sheets of dough as a base for mosaic work
roll sheets of dough as a base to print tessellation
recreate characters form books and stories


Solar system dough planet kit on
Clay charms kit on
Hasbro DohVinci

England's Art & Design curriculm KS1, 2 and 3  
Children & young people 11-18
in addition to the last, might
encounter clay as part of their secondary school and college course

Experiment with magnetic putty dough
Play Rapidough or   Cranium games on  
Explore Helen Piercy's Amination studio book on amazon

 Mr Potato head accessories


England's Art & Design curriculm KS1, 2 and 3

Adults 19-45
in addition to the last, might
be sculpting models as part of a university course
be planning for the needs of children
personally enjoying the relaxing and sensory qualities of dough
make items for gifting and charity fundraising

MohDoh therapy on
Stress balloons  - ghostly squeeze on
Vapour rub dough

Adults 45-110+
in addition to the last, might
start to experience joint stiffness ( I know!!)
be entertaining granchildren


Sport-Thieme® Therapy Dough
Theraputty on     
Salt dough decorations


  Playdough Recipes
 Edible playdough recipes
 Not for eating  playdough recipes
 An alphabet of playdough

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 Colour themed playdough activities
 Mixed - metallic rainbow and duos
 Red playdough
Pink playdough
 Orange playdough
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 Brown playdough
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 White playdough


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