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Playdough recipes - edible and non-edible
an alphabetical list of playdough activities and ideas
playdough colour themed activity ideas for children's play and adults well-being
Playdough activities beginning with Pp
Playdough activities for the letter Pp

The following selection of ideas are themed by the activity's intial letter

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Popcorn playdough activities
 Poppy playdough
Popcorn playdough activities
Poppy playdough activities
 Pizza playdough activities
 Pumpkin Patch counting game
Pizza playdough activities
Pumpkin patch playdough counting game
  Puddles and raindrops
 Pancake playdough
Umbrella and raindrop playdough counting game
Pancake playdough recipe and counting mats
 how to make a Panda from dough  Panda bear black and white
How to make a Panda Bear from playdough
Panda bear black and white playdough activities
Printing on the surface of playdough
 Pumpkin shape sorting
Embossing and printing into the surface of playdough
Pumpkin shape matching, sorting and building playdough activities
This activity is on monkey pirates
This activity is on Piggy pink playdough
Parrot Squawk and the monkey pirates
Pink piggy playdough activities
 Pink playdough ideas
 Purple playdough ideas
Pink themed playdough activities
Purple themed playdough activities



  Playdough Recipes
 Edible playdough recipes
 Not for eating  playdough recipes
 An alphabet of playdough

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 Seasonal playdough activities  
 Playdough books  
 Colour themed playdough activities
 Mixed - metallic rainbow and duos
 Red playdough
Pink playdough
 Orange playdough
 Yellow playdough
 Green playdough
 Blue playdough
 Purple playdough
 Brown playdough
 Black playdough
 Grey playdough
 White playdough


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