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Playdough activity ideas for children and adults Pizza playdough mats and activity ideas
Love pizza? the real thing can be a yummy, veg filled nutritious meal that makes your mouth water! When these ideas combine with the world of pretend play pizzas become a whole landscape of possibility!
So let's get this out there, pizzas can be healthy! With a little care, a range of toppings and the salt pot safely locked away, pizza can be as loaded with beneficial foods as any other meal. Thinner bases will help to lessen the carbohydrate, wholemeal flours are better for digestion, olive and rapeseed oil for their omega 3s and a huge selection of fruit and vegetables including grated soy, potato or coconut based shreds, a bunch of ingredients that aren't just for eating! Take your knowledge & experience of them to the playdough table and impart a wealth of information that shows children the choices available to them.

Pizza playdough mat activities

Being supporters of veganism this page & the pizza playdough mats below aim to promote fruit, vegetables and high protein foods such as alternative cheeses, pepperoni, sausage, slices, and rashers - The Vegan Kind.

Build your Pizzeria and oven baking parlour and stock up with a tower of self styled, coloured delivery boxes, rolling pins, cutters, and playdough. Once your pizzaiolo have finished their creations have fun discovering the maths involved with slicing, dividing and sharing with friends!

A whole for one, halves for two, thirds for three, quarters for four.

Pizza playdough mat activities
Pizza playdough delivery boxes - preschool role play activity idea

Playdough recipes to make pizza

Handmade playdough recipe
Wholemeal or whole grain playdough recipe
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Brown tea on for dyeing playdough

Pizzaplaydough printables:

Pizza sharing maths activity sheet

Outline pizza base playdough mat

Colour pizza playdough mat - bread base

Mini pizza and tomato sauce printables

Outline pizza box template pattern

Pizza box colouring picture   
Divide a pizza into slices for some early years maths!

Outline pizza base printable playdough mat
Pizza box colouring picture
Small mini pizza base and splodges of tomato sauce
Mini pizza box outline template pattern
Pizza box colouring picture

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Wholemeal brown flour playdough recipe


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