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Playdough recipes - edible and non-edible
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Playdough activity ideas for children and adults  Sensory playdough activities
When tasting, smelling, seeing, hearing, touching and understanding, our senses like to tingle! With so many fragrances available, colours and tones, shapes and textures, flavours and loose media, playing with dough becomes a hugely valuable resource that can fulfil many learning and health needs of individuals across the ages. The activity ideas found on this page all focus on how dough can be used to invite play and support the 5 senses whilst knowledge is gained and shared.

Titles that will take you to are marked with a cat paw.

Please always risk assess your dough activities by knowing who will be playing with the dough and if any dietary needs, medical needs, choking or poisoning hazards exist.
the five senses and intellect
Vapour rub - menthol mint and poppy seed sensory playdough

  Vapour rub playdough with mint leaves and poppy seeds   
Orange peel and clove playdough squashies

  Orange peel and whole clove squashies  

Colouring rice activity on

This activity is on Colouring and fragrancing rice to use with playdough   
Aurutmn spice playdough

This activity is on Autumn spice playdough      
Balloon filled ghost squashies

This activity is on
Balloon ghost squashies                  
Herb filled playdough
 Herb infused playdough        

Sensory playdough activities


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 Colour themed playdough activities
 Mixed - metallic rainbow and duos
 Red playdough
Pink playdough
 Orange playdough
 Yellow playdough
 Green playdough
 Blue playdough
 Purple playdough
 Brown playdough
 Black playdough
 Grey playdough
 White playdough


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Sensory playdough activities

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