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Playdough activity ideas for children and adults Vapour rub, poppy seed and mint playdough!    
Keep your sniff 'N sneeze remedies on the go even during play! Knead a small spoonful of child, skin friendly chest rub into a quantity of playdough and to accompany the sensory explosion, snip mint leaves to release additional aroma.

Vapour rub and mint sensory playdough actvity

Sprinkle fine poppy seeds over the dough's surface and work them in to the dough to create a speckled grainy appearance. Usa extruders and shred the dough into thin ropes, cut with scissors and help continue the menthol circulation!

Resources needed for this playdough activity
Links are to

For play and collage

 A quantity of turquoise coloured playdough;
  blend blue, green & white  doughs -
handmade dough recipe

  A mild vapour rub                          

 Fresh mint leaves

 Poppy seeds    

 scissors  and extruder tools
Dough rollers and dough cutters

Optional: eucalyptus leaves  
Play with extruders that exercise hands, fingers and wrists  

Shaking dried poppy seed heads sounds like maraca music!

Extend the poppy seed play by using small brown money envelopes, a sheet of full sized A4 labels, sticky tape and optional - wooden craft sticks to make sound shakers!

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Print the poppy head labels to a label sheet and cut out. Attach to the front of the small envelopes then fill with a sponful or two of the seeds.

Secure carefully with sticky tape as these seeds like escaping!

Shaky shake and enjoy :)

 Poppy seed head - outline template / line drawn colouring picture / laminated playdough mat  

 Coloured poppy head label printable  

Poppy seed shakers - sound activity

Click to view the full sized poppy head printable
Click to view and print the full page of poppy head seed labels
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