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Playdough recipes - edible and non-edible
an alphabetical list of playdough activities and ideas
playdough colour themed activity ideas for children's play and adults well-being
Playdough activity ideas for children and adults  Playdough recipes

The following recipes are edible, play-only and commercial compounds that can be purchased on

Please enjoy them!

Edible playdough recipes

Fibre slime

Gingerbread dough

Easy playdough recipe for kids
(no salt)

Salt free pastry dough 
Oaty custard dough
Potato dough
Couscous dough
Soup dough      
Baby rice and apple sauce dough
Peanut butter dough 
Shortbread cookie dough
Making natural dyes
These recipes are not edible 
Natural dyes to pick from hedgerows
Grass dye recipe to colour playdough
Spinach green playdough
Carrot dye playdough recipe
Onion skin dye recipe for playdough
Rosehip dye playdough recipe
Raspberry pink playdough dye
Blackberry stained playdough
Elderberry playdough recipe  
Blueberry dye recipe - fabric & playdough
Red cabbage dye
Woad blue dye recipe   

Play only dough recipes  

Playdough recipe

Wholemeal grain playdough recipe

Pumpkin playdough recipe   

Cranberry playdough recipe

Sand clay recipe

Firework playdough recipe

Conducting  playdough

Vapour rub playdough   

Easy playdough recipe for kids (with salt)

Slime putty recipe with contact lens solution, no borax

Sculpting sand dough
Glo in the dark dough  
Uncooked salt dough
Foam dough   

Fizzy dough
Cloud dough 
Clean mud or snow dough
Crayon dough 
Ooblek or gloopy dough  
Scented dough
Teabag dough 
Glitter and sparkle dough
Paper mache dough
Sawdust dough
Air hardening glue dough

Colouring playdough with natural dyes from fruit vegetables and plants
Ingredients for playdough
Ingredients for edible doughs

Flour - plain, gluten free, wholemeal
Cornflour /starch
Water, milks, sauce, soup
Oils - olive, vegetable, sunflower, sesame

Ingredients for non-edible doughs

Bicarbonate of soda (in large quantities)
Shaving foam and soap
Hand lotion, moisturiser
Baby oil  

Commercial doughs  
Links are to

Soft dough, reusable when stored in air tight containers
Hasbro play-doh  
Rose art dough
Plastercine softeez  - does not dry out but it is as malleable  as regular dough
Sport-Thieme® Therapy Dough
Theraputty on 

Modelling clay - reusable
Plastercine and plastercine's Morph range  
Grafix modelling clay
Play Foam - reusable compound containing polystyrene beads
Moon dough                  

Clay that dries hard, but is otherwise reusable when stored in airtight containers
Air dry clays - DAS  -  SCOLA  -  Crayola  -  
Reeves coloured air-dry clay  
Sculpting compound from Melissa & Doug
Jumping clay
Air dry foam clay        

Polymer clay reusable when stored in airtight conditions, bakes hard.
Oven bake polymer clay Fimo - Staedtler
Oven bake polymer clay Sculpey & Premo     

Buy aromatherapy oils on
Glitter tubs
Buy play-doh tubs on

Buy cream of tartar on
Baby oil
food colouring gel

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 Edible playdough recipes
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 An alphabet of playdough

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 Seasonal playdough activities  
 Playdough books  
 Colour themed playdough activities
 Mixed - metallic rainbow and duos
 Red playdough
Pink playdough
 Orange playdough
 Yellow playdough
 Green playdough
 Blue playdough
 Purple playdough
 Brown playdough
 Black playdough
 Grey playdough
 White playdough


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