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Playdough activity ideas for children and adults Making up a batch of cranberry play dough is a squishy and interesting way to explore these little fruits. Off the bush they're firm and foamy in texture about the size of a grape and come in wonderful hues of pink to deep glossy red. Heated, they'll pop like corn, splitting and exploding from their skin, exuding a white fluffy mush and trail of thin filmy peel. Include them in playdough and you've a a truly tactile recipe that enables everyone to talk about foods, festive treats and celebrations such as America's Thanksgiving. Have fun shaping the dough, sprinkling over shiny glitter and positioning small collage pieces to build patterns across the surface.

Cranberries in playdough recipe for children's sensory learning

The recipe uses fresh cranberries so it will be a short lived dough, with this in mind we left out the cream of tartar which usually helps to preserve it but still kneaded in a squirt of hand lotion as it adds so much to the dough's stretch and pliability.


150g plain flour

120g salt

120 ml water

1 tbspoil

Red food colouring

Cranberry fragrance oil

Cooked cranberries 

Hand lotion or moisturiser

Red glitter

Variety of loose media - jingles, threads and decorates             

scissors  and rolling pins

Cranberry playdough activity - loose media and tools to decorate and sculpt  
Place the flour, salt, oil, water & colouring in a pan and add the boiled cranberries.

Cook over a medium heat until the dough dark comes together, leaving the sides of the pan cleanly.

Turn out and leave to cool.

Adda spoonful of hand lotion / moisturiser to the dough and knead until soft and smooth.  

Boiling cranberries to soften them for playdough
Recipe ingredients to make cranberry play dough
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