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Playdough activity ideas for children and adults Playdough face mats are a great way to encourage young children to identify and explore their own facial features, naming the appendages they see when looking at themselves in a mirror and noticing the same parts on the faces of their friends, family members, favourite story book characters and maybe even a stranger!

Ears, cheeks, chin, and neck are some of the body part names that mean children can pinpoint where sensations like a tickle or an itch happens andduring the playdough modelling activities they'll find opportunities totalk about a range of issues such as noses and where a sneeze comes from,how eyes blink and cry, and mouths form sounds, curve up for happy smiles, and downwards to shape a growly grimace. By sharing personal experiences everyone's ideas and designs can be receated in the dough.

playdough face mats for all about me and ourself preschool topics

There are 13 face templates available to print via the links on this page or you can buy the full set of laminated, high-resolution mats on eBay. The six hairstyle outline sheets can be used to look at different hair lengths, colourings and the professional hairdressers who help us keep things tidy by cutting it.  Position tiaras and crowns,clips, bows, bands, and bobbles in the playdough and make each piece ofwork as unique as its creator

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Resources to create playdough faces

Glass pebbles and permanent markers to make eyes

yarn for hair - lip cutters - novelty glasses  - scissors, pens and paper  - Mr Potato Head accessories

Free outline template face playdough mats
Coloured face playdough mats

playdough facemat 1
playdough face mat 2
playdough facemat 3
playdough facemat 4
playdough face mat 5
playdough facemat 6
playdough facemat outline template

pink face mat
dark pink face mat
peach face printable
warm brown face
brown face mat
dark brown face mat
Playdough face mat - outline template
Playdough face mat - outline template
Playdough face mat - outline template
Playdough face mat - outline template
Playdough face mat - outline template
Playdough face mat - outline template
playdough face mat outline template
playdough face mat pink skin tone preschool printable
playdough face mat dark pink skin tone craft collage template
peach skin toned face playdough mat printable for preschool nursery activity
warm brown face template - playdough mat printable
brown face playdough mat multicultural activity sheet preschool
face playdough mat printable - dark brown activity sheet for preschool diversity awareness

Print playdough face mat colouring in pictures
Buy this set of coloured playdough face mats on ebay

Playdough faces: activity suggestions
  • Use mirrors for self portraits
  • Look through books and magazines to recreate a favourite character
  • Include blank laminated sheets for self-expression
  • Pick an era, ethnic dress or facial jewellery to explore
  • Use as part of your preschool planning and learning themes of 'all about me', 'ourselves' 'who am I' or 'myself'
  • Sing songs to accompany the activity - head and shoulders, My Body,'Teddy says' -  touch your nose'
Colouring playdough to add interest
Children's learning mirrors - face outlines
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Pony beads for collage and threading
buttons for collaging on the surface of playdough
Mixed wooden matchsticks

coloured yarn for hair
white glass nuggets to make own eyes
Sharpie markers - draw pupils on glass pebbles

More playdough ideas
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spider web playdough mats
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