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Playdough recipes - edible and non-edible
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playdough colour themed activity ideas for children's play and adults well-being
Playdough activity ideas for children and adults A fireworks playdough recipe that brings together a collection of sparkly, crackling ingredients, and hopefully the odd child or two!

Celebrate the skill involved with pyrotechnics through books and images, and the significance of November 5th 1605, the day in British history when part of Parliament, the House of Lords very nearly went boom! The Gunpowder Plot

Firework playdough and fibre opticlight show activities
firework playdough activity - bonfire night idea for preschool early years

Black dough and hair combs are all that's needed for this playdough activity.You can increase the level of challenge by including materials that decorate, make patterns and twinkle!

Gift bows, glitter, beads, and tinsel are all great for adding interest in a range of ways that support children's creativity, learning, and their fine motor development.

Easy playdough ideas for toddlers - firework boom, crackle, pop
Playdough fireworks activity for November 5th Guy Fawkes bonfire night

Whizz bangers, Catherine wheels, poppers, rockets, and fire-falls are some of the firework names we use and as children roll out their sheets of dough, talk about the inventive words and titles they can use to personalise their creative explosions.
Children don't always react well to the noise of fireworks, especially the multitude of bangs & booms a planned event involves! In fact, some adults might even be seen taking comfort in earmuffs!! Activities such as this and conversation helps to prepare children for the oncoming real life experience! 

Maning black playdough
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Playdough recipe
 to make black, night time dough add a quantity of black paint or food colouring and iridescent glitter  

Activity resources

 Hair combs - various: wide, headlice, afro,    

Pony beads   

Glitter beads   

Lametta - tinsel or other types of foil and scissors

Star cutters and rolling pins  

Firework playdough mat printable  

Firework playdough cut and reveal sheet
Make black firework playdough
Mix up the black playdoug ingredients adding enough acrylic paint to achieve the deth of colour wanted before cooking
handmade black play dough recipe

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Star shaped cookie playdough cutters
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These sparkler tools make great impressions in the surface of dough and also build on the fireworks theme. Prepare yours in advance, as a separate activity so that the glue and glitter have had time to dry out and harden. To make, tape 5 paper straws together at one end and again approximately 3/4 of the way along the shaft. Bend the five ends outwards to form the top of the sparkler and dip this, first into PVA glue and then into a tray of glitter. Twist and dip repeatedly until the straws are well covered. Take out and leave to dry.

Firework crackling sparklers - craft activity
Dip sticky taped art straws in glue then glitter to make crackling firework sparklers
Paper straws 

Sticky tape

PVA glue


Dipping tray

With the sheets of dough laid flat, create the firework's lines using the prong side of the hair combs, sprinkle glitter and watch as cascades of tiny sparks fly over the imagined sky!

Cut small pieces of foil tinsel and combine the confetti strands into the body of the dough.

Firwork play dough activity
Firework playdough and glitter crackling sparklers
Bonfire night playdough acvity - animal awareness
Bonfire night

Explore what bonfires mean for wildlife by adding playdough logs tosticks, leaves and role play animals, then asking 'who could live here'

Black playdough and foil firework activity

Stay safe and have the most awesome evening xx

Firework safety code

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Pony beads for collage and threading
Glitter tubs to add playdough sparkle

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