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Playdough activity ideas for children and adults Spider web playdough mats. These cobweb themed play dough ideas combine young children's scissor cutting and fine motor skills along with threading, roleplay and discovery of our natural world. Laminate the sheets you want and enjoy some lively conversation about creepy crawly spiders, web weaving, and early years number work that involves sharing and dividing any made spiders between the quantity of webs featured on your chosen activity sheets.

Spiderweb playdough mats - threading and counting activities for preschool kindergarten


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white cotton yarn
large buttons
sewing needles
craft stems  
Spider printables:

Spiderweb playdough mat

Dots and dashes - rope playdough rolling mat

Spider webdividing & sharing playdough mat

spider web playdough mat
dots dashes playdough spiderweb mat
Spiderweb sharing playdough division mat

single spiderweb playdough mat
spooky cobweb outline template
broken spiderweb drawing sheet
Halloween spider web picture 

spiderweb pattern colouring
spiderweb cluster printout
10 spiderwebs playdough mat

Single spiderweb playdough mat - cobweb picture printable
Spooky spiderweb printable
Broken spiderweb printable for drawing, joining up lines
Halloween spider web printable
Spider web pattern colouring picture
Spiderweb playdough mat colouring sheet
10 spiderwebs playdough mat

Spider web playdough and thread cutting activities
Playdough threading and spider web activity ideas
Playdough threading   

Roll balls of dough and thread them with cotton yarn attached to large buttons (which form an anchor).   Tie a knot in the yarn, insert a finger to roleplay!

Cut lengths of white yarn or string and spin webs using pieces of dough to hold the threads in place. 

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