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Playdough activity ideas for children and adults Incy Wincy spider playdough activity & morespiderweb activities

Have fun with this tradtitional English nursery rhyme using balls of play-doh, bendy straws or craft stems for legs and wibbly wobbly eyes.  
Read Aaarrgghh spider by Lydia Monks and practice your catch and release, pot & slide skills!

Incy Wincy Spiders Play-Doh activities

Incy WIncy Spider climbed up the water spout.
Down came the rain and washed poor Incy out.
Out came the sunshine and dried up all the rain,
so Incy Wincy Spider climbed up the spout again

Resources needed for this playdough activity

Some links are to

Little grey spider SPIDER body parts!
quantity of play-doh or handmade playdough recipe
For spider legs - paper straws, craft stems & scissors  
Spider eyes    

Little grey spider SPIDER WEB PLAYDOUGH MATS                       
Silver sharpie pens

laminating pouches + spiderweb outline template
Incy Wincy Spider rhyme - playdough mat
 Little grey spider NURSERY RHYME ROLE PLAY
Incy wincy spider role play pieces
Brick wall background
Optional rainbow spider bases

hole punch tool & white or silver yarn  

Print spiderweb templates for role play
Playdough mat printable - Incy Wincy Spider nursery rhyme sheet
Incy Wincy spider role play pieces - print and trim
Incy Wincy spider brick wall background
Coloured spider bases - nursery rhyme printables

Buy tubs of coloured Play-Doh on
Buy black paper not plastic drinking straws on
Buy laminators and pouches on
Making your Play-Doh spiders, whilst pre-drawn illustrations have been provided on this page for ease and inspiration,  children's own creations are always the most awesome!

Provide blank paper, pencils, scissors and have a laminator at the ready to protect their artwork from any oil that's contained in the dough. Cut around the spiders, laminate and trim again.

Hole punch each spider and tie on a short length of yarn as the spider's thread - this can be used to pull the base up and down the waterspout as the nursery rhyme is recites and all over the spiderwebs. Roll a ball of dough and place it on the base then build up the model by adding eyes and legs.  

Print, laminate and trim the brickwork backgound, the sun, rain and waterspout images.

To help move the sun & rain pictures around, bend up one edge of the pictures to create a tab handle.
Turn up corners to create handle tabs

To help raise the waterspout from the brick background attach double sided foam pads to the edges
Raise the water spout using double sided sticky foam Tracing spiderwebs onto empty laminated sheets
Spider Webs
Print the web outline and laminate an empty pouch. Place the pouch on top of the web picture and trace using a permanent marker eg. silver sharpie pen. To add a little interest sprinkle some iridescent glitter
inside the pouch before laminating.

Now all the pieces are ready for your sing song, play-doh model making!

Play-Doh made spider
Play-Doh spider

Buy white acrylic yarn on


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