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Playdough activity ideas for children and adults A pumpkin patch playdough game that enables players to celebrate the autumn, fall, harvest time and Halloween all whilst getting to know numbers!

Have lots of fun counting these seasonal fruits with your youngest turn-takers as they roll a dice and then model that quantity of pumpkin balls from orange playdough. Position each on a patch of straw on the numbered game board you chose and then finish off by inserting a plain or written tendril stalk into the top of each pumpkin ball, stamp a Jack 'O' Lantern face into the surface as play continues onto the next pumpkin artist!

Playdough pumpkin game for preschool children to enjoy counting and number work activities

Deciding on a game play objective
Ideas could be:

ll the game board with 10 or 20 pumpkins  

Fill the game board then play in reverse to empty it

Use a number of throws on the dice to ask the question 'How many ..'

 Pumpkin playdough recipe or Play-Doh on
Printables for the pumpkin patch game

large pumpkin straw patch playdough mat

pumpkin patch 1-10 game board

pumpkin patch 1-20 game board
blank pumpkin stalks and tendrils

numbered pumpkin stalks 1-20

Dice face printable made to fit 30mm blank dice, most easily attached by printing to label paper cutting out, peeling and sticking on.
Pumpkin patch playdough board game printable
1-10 pumpkin patch playdough board game printable
Pumpkin patch playdough board game printable
Pumpkin tendril stalks - playdough printable
Numbered pumpkin tendril stalks - playdough printable
Numbered dice face printable

Early years mathematics
work with division by exploring how the mound of playdough a player receives at the start of the game can be separated into the quantity needed to fill the playing board. Use knives, scissors and a rope or sausage rolling technique to divide the dough into roughly equal parts.

Use the laminated surface of your printables with chalk pens or white board markers, helping preschool children to develop their mathematical skills by creating number formations for matching, sorting, ordering, labeling and counting the pumpkins as they're made.

The large pumpkin patch printable is nice for role play and lessformal activities. Add seeds, twisty green craft stems and small world figures to inspire the imagination.

Making the pumpkin playdoughstampers

Makin pumpkin playdough stamps from buttons and corks
Gather together a selection of pumpkin themed craft buttons, corks, and a sharp knife.

Push the tip of the knife down into the top of a cork, making a small incision that the button shank can be pushed into. Buttons are held firmly in place by the elasticity of cork which means that unless gluing is required for safety, the buttons can be swapped out at any time and the corks repurposed for other activities.

Halloween pumpkin activities, upcycling buttons into playdough stampers

Pumpkin themed activities  

 Pumpkin spice playdough recipe

 Pumpkin playdough shape sorting

 5 orange pumpkins counting rhyme on

Pumpkin spice playdough recipe
Match pumpkin shapes
Print the 5 ornage pumpkins numbe rrhyme pictures on

 How many seeds in a pumpkin  and Five little pumpkins counting book on
Pumpkin counting story rhyme book for young children

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