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An easy slime recipe that doesn't use borax. This contact lens solution   on contains the ingredients necessary to create the much loved oozy flubber putty that children (almost certainly) adore and probably adults too!

These recipe quantities worked well for us;
Slime recipe using contact lens solutions and no borax
Blend everything together except the contact lens solution. Once this is well mixed add the eye saline and stir. The PVA will immediately begin to vulcanise and after a minute you'll be able to remove the blob from the bowl and knead it in your hands, letting it sink and dribble between your fingers. Unlike dough, slime will roll itself! Watch how it settles into a puddle of goo just a few millimeters thick. Use regular dough cutters to imprint patterns on and into the rubbery surface, removing the cutouts from the pool to see how quickly it works at refilling the newly created space.

the ingredients to make slime or flubber putty
Contact lens solution - ingredients that will make slime

You may need to adjust the amount of saline depending on the consistency of the pva glue. Be assured this recipe is far more forgiving than the traditional borax brew! and if you find the slime sticks too readily to your skin add a few drops of the solution to the putty's surface or your hands  andwork it in, this will help to remedy any overly stringy mess! Too much saline and eventually the slime will become brittle, 'snapping' and tearing apart quite easily, all these are great discoveries that add to the fun of experimenting with catalytic ingredients.

Making slime flubber putty without borax - contact lens solution
If for any reason this specific contact lens solution isn't available, please take care when buying an alternative as these products are not all the same. Check the labelled ingredients or even the reviews left by other customers to avoid the tragedy of slime making disappointment! As with the original recipe's borax powder, which became regulated back in 2007, do always follow the manufacturer's recommendations and guidance for use.

These few photos show how you can theme your slime recipe and activities.

Galaxy space slime, stardust blue slime, and gooey pumpkin guts slime!

INgredients to make slime
Mixing the space slime ingredients
Recipe for black galaxy space slime
Blue slime recipe
Halloween pumpkin slime recipe

Frozen themed slime and shaving foam activity

This is an awesome activity, almost beyond sensory!! Mix up the 100ml glue, 100ml water and 1tsp bicarb and then separate equally into two cups. Add adrop of blue food colouring to one, whilst leaving the other white. Add approx12ml contact lens solution to one cup at a time and stir to form the putty. Drizzle both into a bowl and present for messy play alongside artificial snow, swirls of shaving foam cream, tubs of glitter, and tools for moving the slime about.

  • a quantity of white and blue slime using the recipe above 
  • can of shaving foam
  • artificial snow 
  • loose media - beads, pebbles, snowflakes, glitter
  • grip seal bags, forks, tweezers, cutters, scissors, tongs and scooping equipment that help children to handle and move the slime.
Frozen blue and white slime flubber putty recipe activity
Frozen slime recipe using contact lens solution - no borax

More slime activities and things to do with putty
Make fart parp putty slime
  • Okay, first things first, a little tub, 130g Play-Doh 3/4 filled with slime. Push a finger in & force the air out to produce a fart noise, parp, toot (insert other prefered name) and of cause lots of giggles :D
  • Add wobbly eyes, beads, marbles, sequins, glitter  
  • Fill a christmas bauble 
Slime activity idea , chalk pen and grip seal bag character makin

  •  Place an blob in a grip seal bag and use chalk pens or whiteboard marker pens to create faces on top

Ribbons of slime oozing through the grid of baking trays

  • Use cooling trays with a small grid and place a mound of slime ontop. Lift the tray to watch the slime ooze down in ribbons. Catch it in pots, on your hands or let it dribble over arms!  

    Stack trays together to create a smaller grid if you find the holes are too big to be effective.


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