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Playdough activity ideas for children and adults Mummy Wraps! a gooey playdough activity that can open conversation into Egyptian traditions or a little more gruesome, glimpse inside for the festivities of Halloween.
Using playdough, a bag of body parts and if wanted the printables below, have fun making an abundance of bandages and concealing the not-so-mummified mummy!

   Egyptian mummy wrapping activity for Halloween

Making your body bags:
Fill a zip lock bag with
wobbly eyes, bones, water beads (if appropriate) and plain water or cooked cornflour goo and seal the bag securely with a little added sticky tape. Print the mummy wraps base, cuting out and snipping along the flap lines. Place a bag of parts in the centre and invite everyone to roll, cut and fold over the strips, entombing the mummy with a variety of paper, dough and fabric. Finish with a sarcophagus lid that's either personally designed or pre-drawn.

Resources needed for this playdough activity
Some links are to

Bandage coverings

quantity of playdough - handmade dough recipe

Scissors, safe knives and wheel cutters     

Strips of cotton fabric

Mummy body bags

Grip seal bags + sticky tape  

Water, cornflour goo, wallpaper paste, gel

Wobbly eyes   Bones   Water beads   

Optional - glitter 
Mummy wraps playdough activity resources
playdough wheel cutters

Buy wobbly eyes on
Buy a bag of bones on
Buy clear & coloured water beads on
Egyptian mummy wraps base sheet printable
Egyptian mummy sarcophagus lid picture printable

Playdough printables         

Printout of the mummy wraps base

Sarcophagus lid printable  
Extending the activity

Egyptian role play figures

Skeleton and the mummy preschool picture book for Halloween   

White tissue paper for children to wrap up and adult mummy!
Find out about the Egtptian drying and embalming process here: mummification

Platic Egyptian role play figures - role play set
Skeleton and mummy picture story book for preschool and nursery aged children
White tissue paper rolls - mummy bandages


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