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Playdough recipes - edible and non-edible
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Playdough activity ideas for children and adults An easy playdough recipe for kids
Most children love mixing up their own batches of playdough and the easiest, most basic recipe calls quite simply for plain flour and water + a little oil if you happen to have some around.
  • Fill a small drinking cup with flour (approx 150gm)
  • Then 1/2 fill it again with water (approx 80ml)
  • Stir the two ingredients together
  • and sprinkle with more flour if it becomes sticky  
The easiest playdough recipe - flour water & oil

This dough has a puffy, soft, springy texture which children and adults might find nice to handle but the elasticity means it can bequite difficult to roll and cut out, it also has the tendency to settle, making modelling much harder as the dough struggles to hold a firm shape.The easist way to lessen these effects is by adding salt!

So starting easy over again... 

Take one beaker of flour (150gm)
1/2 a beaker of salt (120gm)
1/2 of water (80ml)
and if available 2 spoons of oil and a few drops of colouring

easy homemade playdough recipe

Once mixed and kneaded, this dough is great for all the regular activities you'd expect to have fun with, and along with a small flour duster for stickier moments it's a perfect activity to fill the time for all ages.

Easy playdough recipes for kids to make

In the end we discovered the best easy recipe for kids, is one that involves just a little preparation. A cupboard stocked with flour and salt in KG quantities, olive or baby oil and food colouring in dropper bottles.

Measuring cup and flour duster to make playdough making easier for kids
For independant measuring, a cup pre-marked with a permanent pen showing the fill lines for the salt and the water is an excellent item for children to guesstimate the amount of ingredients they need, whenever they need them!

And, if you're super serious about supporting their playdough making skills a dispenser for dry and wet foods could be just the thing!

Uncooked playdough does have a shorter lifespan than its cooked version but it ought to see out a few days of play.

Have fun whichever easy recipe you decide on and spread the cheer that's all about playdough :D x

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