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Playdough activity ideas for children and adults Sand clay recipe perfect for handprint plaques & tiles
On your next journey to the beach or encounter with a sand-pit, scoop up a cup of granules and turn the visit into a souvenir that celebrtates the day as well a child's age. Combine the sand with flour, salt, a little oil and mix to a soft pliable clay then much like saltdough preserve your creation by baking it until thoroughly dry and hardened.

sand clay recipe - insturction and printable

Ingredients for this activity

250gm sand

200gm plain flour

100g salt

100ml water - will depend on how damp the sand is

1 tbs oil

Non-commercial shells - our limpets, whelks, cockles, periwinkles and top-shells were all shoreline finds from Cornwall and Denmark.

 Sand clay recipe card     

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Ingredients for sand clay recipe
Adding flour to sticky sand clay  

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Roll pieces of the clay into balls and then flatten to the size wanted.

If you find the dough becomes sticky add a little more flour until it's smooth to the touch again.

Press a hand, foot or other item into the surface of the clay and create a personalised pattern & set of impressions.

Decorate any blank space with shells and seaglass embellishments.

Bake finished plaques for 2 hours at 130c or until they're become hard and dry.

Disply the finished plaques using sing plate stands or before baking the clay embed a hook or fixing that enables it to hbe hung on the wall.
Making hand foot and shape impressions in sand clay Bake the sand clay for 2 hours at 130c

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