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Playdough activity ideas for children and adults Blueberry playdough, dye recipe.
We haven't had a great deal of experience with blueberries when it comes to activities other than food and drinks so this experiment has been great for discovering how the berry's pigment transitions from a burgundy-red to a violet-blue when dyed fabric is rinsed through cold water and as playdough cools down after cooking. The playdough saw less of a transformation but we found the colour continued to develop as the dough was being handled.

This activity photo is a busy one involving
blue compressed mica powder being brushed over the surface of the dough and then worked in to produce changes in colour, construction with interlocking shapes and the staple favourites, rolling pins and cutters!  

Blueberry playdough activities for preschool children, nursery and kindergarten

Make a dye from blueberries to colour playdough and fabric
Blueberry  dye recipe
  • 70g blueberries
  • 200ml water
Simmer the berries in water for 10 minutes keeping a watch on the level of the liquid. The blueberries will eventually break down and their pigment fill the pan. At this point remove from the heat and leave to cool. Blend the mixture and strain through a sieve or muslin cloth.

 Playdough recipe

  • 150g plain flour
  • 120g salt
  • 120ml elderberry liquid
  • 1 tablespoon oil
  • 1 tbsp cream of tartar
  • a few drops of scented oil (optional)
  • Hand moisturiser (optional)    
Place all the ingredients except the lotion intoa saucepan and cook over a medium heat until everything comes together to form a ball.
Leave to cool and then knead. Add a few spoonfuls of hand cream and work into the playdough until soft and smooth.  

To dye a swatch of Jersey cotton, we dissolved 1 tablespoon ofsalt in hot water and then poured some of the dye into the container & stirred. The dry square of fabric was placed into the solution and left to soak for about 30 minutes before removing and rinsing under a cold tap.
Make swatches of blueberry dyed fabric
This was a first and the result was really pleasing! The small squares of fabric dried naturally and were then ironed to use as bakery or bread cloths in children's role play, wrapping up their playdough wares for selling!

Preschool children pretend play - role play bakeries
This blueberry dye recipe is one we'll definitely try again and has prompted us to look into growing our own plants and maybe experimenting with some fragrance oils!  

Blueberry fabric dyes on google images and how to grow blueberry plants on  

More information about the blueberry's close relatives - bilberry, whinberry or whortleberry on

Making natural dye recipes from plants
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