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Playdough activity ideas for children and adults How to make a Panda from playdough
This is just one way to make a cute Panda bear using balls of dough rolled into a variety of different sizes. Assembling the pieces together is much easier if your dough is 'moist'. If you find it's a little dry and the balls won't stay attached you can soften it up by kneading in any hand moisturiser until it becomes pliable again. Mixing lotion into dough is always a messy, squelchy activity to begin with but it will come together to create a lovely texture. Cookie cutters are also a great way to make Pandas!  If you have any doughy Panda bear pictures you'd like to share please get in touch!

How to make a Panda Bear using balls of playdough

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You'll need 14 balls in total; 3 white and 11 black plus two wobbly eyes.

Assemble your bear as shown in the instuction guide or use your own design process :)

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