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Playdough activity ideas for children and adults Playdough tadpoles and tails for counting.
This activity idea combines ready mix paint in grip-sealed bags for mark making on the outer surface and balls of black brown playdough, each with a numbered tail for ordering and a few pony beads for eyes or collage, giving character to the pollywog creations! A cute way to explore one stage of a frog & toad's lifecycle.

Tadpole playdough - tail counting for the spring and frog lifecycle

A quantity of playdough - handmade dough recipe

Stream playdough mat adapted from the Grumpy Troll game  

Tadpole tails 1 - 6

Tadpole tails 7 - 12

Tadpole tails 13 - 18

Tadpole tails 19 - 20 blank   
River stream playdough mat

Tadpole counting tails 1 to 6
Tadpole counting tails 7 to 12
Tadpole counting tails 13 to 18 Tadpole counting tails 19 20 and blanks

Prepare for the activity by making/buying a batch of black or brown dough.  We use acrylic paint to achieve a good depth of black which is added alomng with the water during cooking; this does mean a little more supervision is needed when the youngest join in the fun.

Each tadpole is a ball of rolled dough with pony beads pushed in for eyes. Encourage personlised model making that sees the growing brood being organised, counted and positioned.

Print any number of tails and fold the sheet in half. Using a glue stick secure these sides together and cut the tails out. Laminate, trim again and place to one side, ready for play.

If you find the tails here are too large you maybe able to change the size of the printed versions by editing the image to paper settings as the sheet goes to print.

Mark making bag of paint
Tadpole tail outline template
Tactile, clean mark making resources that are simply  grip sealed bags with a small amount of blue and white ready mix paint squeezed inside.
Lay the bag flat and  gently press down to remove the air. Lock the seal edges together by squeezing until they click and close the bag firmly. If wanted, add an additional line of sticky tape to minimise the risk of leaks! Place the bag on top of the stream printable and role play with the tadpoles as the water ripples lap around them. Use finger tips to draw into the surface of the squidgy bag and print more stream images,  joining them together to create a river length interactive numberline.

Tadpole tail outline template can be used to cut out tails from materials such as craft foam or card.

Tadpole playdough - Frog lifecycle activity idea

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