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Playdough activity ideas for children and adults Playdough mash! your kitchen drawer is a treasure trove of opportunity when it comes to finding different playdough tools. Delve deep to find (safe!) equipment including implements that add interest to children's actions of mashing, squashing and extruding mounds of tactile dough, make stringy shapes, thick and thin lengths, moulding them together to build creative sculptures that kid's can then decorate with other smaller collaging items such as buttons, glitter and pasta pieces! One or two handed tools are useful for helping to exercise both hand and arm muscles as your dough compound is squeezed and pressed forcibly through the gaps and holes of the masher's foot plate - a great activity to support children's physical development and to assist adult's who benefit from this type of muscular therapy.

Playdough activities using potato masher tools from the kitchen drawer

Potato mashing tools come in such huge variety of designs and materials - plastic, metal, wood, it's possible to build an awesome collection of squashers that could maintain an interest in playdough for years! Next time there's a pause in the business of your kitchen's visitors, pull out a bowl some flour, salt and water, a masher, an animal ornament and offer the invation to play.

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Construct environments where animals live in hot and cold places with coloured playdough depicting the habitat of land and sea.

Playdough animals - Lions on African plains
The polar bear animals living in the playdough Arctic!

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Colouring playdough to add interest


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