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Playdough activity ideas for children and adults Our copy of Fantastic Beasts & Where to find them arrived this morning yay!! aside from the popcorn & fizzy-lite drinks we'll be enjoying later, this leaf, twig & forest themed playdough activity idea formed from a seemingly never ending desire to promote trees! Forage and gather a collection of sticks and sprigs from a range of different shrubs - garden or hedgerow and use rolled lengths of green playdough as the trunks of your Bowtruckle bodies.
Bowtruckle playdough activity idea

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About Bowtruckles and Wand Woods on

Green playdough recipe or Play-Doh on

Green craft stems and scissors     

Coloured matchsticks and larger sticks  


Wand-Wood trees & Bowtruckle guard

Bowtruckle and wand wood trees printable
Bowtruckle tree guard

Making Bowtruckle puppets

Bowtruckle assembly   

Print the sheet to paper or card.
Cut around the coloured Bowtruckle image in a square and fold the image over along the upper leaf edge so that the solid green section becomes the Bowtruckle's backing.
With a glue stick, secure these two sides together and then cut close to the outline.
Laminate and trim again
Use the pointed end as a spear tip and insert it into rolled lengths of playdough.

The Woodland Trust trees and wildlife  

Buy laminators and pouches on
Mixed wooden matchsticks
Fantastic Beasts and where to find them Hardcover book

Fantastic Beasts DVD search on


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