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Playdough activity ideas for children and adults Twiggy playdough bird nests
Study and enjoy spring by building bird nests that weave twigs, sticks and dough! Sculpt these treetop homes using foraged items from outside hedegrows and indoor cupboards! Hide smaller items in  pop-open plastic eggs and share conversation about the names of native UK garden birds, egg laying, hatching and how these feathery friends live in or visit our gardens.

Coloured templates are available to buy on etsy
Playdough bird nest activity for the spring

Resources needed for this playdough activity
Links are to

For play and collage

A quantity of brown playdough - handmade dough recipe

Nest materials such as

 twigs, leaves, raffia, broom bristles
, craft stems, snipped drinking straws, natural matchsticks, straw and hay    
 scissors  and extruder tools

Open up plastic eggs and items to hide - numbers

Numbers and stone pebbles to hide

Bird outlines - cut, colour and laminate
Bird nest outline template  
Making playdough bird nests
Bird outline templates
Black outline bird nest template

Plastic pop open eggs for preschool hide and find activities
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Buy extruder tools on
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Add colour to the outline nest and bird printables, laminate and trim. Roll a thick rope of dough and place it in a circle on top of the nest image to form a rim. Use this rim to hold the collected nest materials and make bird bodies by rolling balls of dough and inserting the head and wing sections.

This activity focuses on garden birds, eggs, chicks & hatching - list on RSPB rather than yellow chicks who are more often seen to promote the season's events.
Whilst the meat industry can end a hen's life after 2-3 years, chickens, both female and male cockerels live for around 8 years and are most interesting companions for anyone who appreciates feathery personalities.
For reference

Pet chicken welfare requirements on RSPCA 

Bird nest image search on 

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Playdough twig and stick bird nests
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