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Playdough activity ideas for children and adults Brussels Sprouts squashing & counting game! With green playdough, dice, mallets and the printables of choice this activity offers three gameplay options that support young children's mathmatics. Skills involving adding and subtraction are developed as each player takes their turn. This  requires two throws of a dice - the first sets the number of sprouts needing to be made, the second determines how many will be squashed. A fun activity to fit a Preschool vegetable or healthy eating theme or to expand on spontaneous play. Great for eye-hand coordination.

Brussels Sprout vegetable playdough squashing and counting game
Gameplay options

1. Free play: roll the dice to see how many sprouts need making and then roll again to see how many will meet a leafy fate! Use the plates to store 'saved' sprouts if wanted.

Roll the dice & make the corresponding number of Brussels Sprouts playdough balls
Roll the dice again and squash a matching number (or all) of the sprouts
Put the saved, left over sprouts onto a plate for counting up later

2. Player game: agree a time limit for the game by setting the maximum number of turns each player can take. Hand out the matching number of sprout tokens so that 1 can be discarded at the start of a player's turn.  As with freeplay, roll the dice to determine the number of sprouts needing to be made and again to see how many the evil mallet squashes! Any left over sprouts are placed safely on the player's plate and at the end of the game, once all the turn tokens have been used,the totals are added and the player with the most on their plate wins - I'm a Brussels Spout star awards

Roll the dice again and squash a matching number (or all) of the sprouts

3. Cooperative play:
DInner time catastrophe! The Brussels sprouts aren't ready and the guests will soon arrive! As above, use two throws of the dice to make & then to squash the sprouts, placing any saved brassicas onto the serving dish instead of player's own plates! Set a game objective by agreeing how many guests are expected, how many Brussels Spouts they have each ordered and what that the total number is - maths sheet then see how long it takes to reach the specified amount.

Work together to save the unsquashed sprouts and reach the number needed to serve dinner to the guests ..

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Green playdough recipe or bought Play-Doh

Hammers or mallets

Dice - numbered or blank

Outlined printables

Outline plates

Outline serving dish

Outline giant Brussels Sprout

Full colour printables

Colour giant Brussels Sprout

Numbered 1 - 12 Brussels Sprouts playdough mat

Plain set of 12 Brussels Sprouts

Brussels Sprouts playdough mat numbered 1 - 20

Plain Brussels Sprouts sheet of 20

Playdough plates set 1

Playdough plates set 2

Playdough plates set 3

Dice faces for dressing blanks

How many guests and sprouts maths sheet

Serving dish   

Brussels Sprouts star award badges

Outline plate templates
Serving dish outline template
Giant Brussels Sprout outline template
Giant brussels sprout playdough mat
Brussels sprouts playdough activity sheet 1 - 12
Brussels sprouts playdough mat
Brussels sprout playdough counting sheet 1-20
Brussels sprout playdough mat
Red & orange Brussels sprout game plate
Green & yellow Brussels sprout game plates
Blue and purple Brussels sprout game plates
Brussels Sprout numbered dice faces
Collaborative game sheet- how many Brussels Sprouts are needed
Brussels Sprout serving dish for collaborative gameplay
Brussels Sprout Game badges

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