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Playdough activity ideas for children and adults Claw'some crabs live in the sea, rivers, lakes and sometimes on land. With a sidescuttle, eye stalks, orange, green & blue shells they are indeed most cl'awesome creatures to help children learn about numbers, counting & pairs, the intelligence of life on our ocean floor and all about pincers that nip, nip, pinch!

Clawesome crab playdough activity

Blend a quantity of yellow and red dough to create crab shell orange and use golf tees as probing eye stalks. Roll balls of playdough as the crab bodies and practice our pincer grip by positioning marbles, ping pong balls and wobbly eyes on top of the tees. Sculpt a pod of crabs that forage over the sandy seabed and munch on seaweed algae.
Resources needed for the playdough activity
Links are to

For play and collage

 Playdough - handmade dough recipe
 Golf tees                       
 Wobbly eyes
 Marbles ad ping pong balls

Optional role play resouces
Sea weed or aquarium plant
Rocka and pebbles   
Printout of the hedgehog playdough mat

Selection of printables 
Crab outline template  
Seabed floor
Set of 3 differently sized crab pictures
Large crab body parts  
playdough - orange crabs

Buy laminators and pouches on
Buy glass marbles on
Buy orange golf tees for crab eye stalks on
Crab outline template
Colour sandy seabed floor
3 colour crab role play printables
Crab construction pieces
crab Print the crab outline template and colour or collage as wished. Create your own ocean floor or print, trim and laminate the illustrated image provided - print as many as wanted and join them together to cover the area of the activity.

Use the three crab pictures as role play figures. Print, cut as whole and laminate. Trim again and bend the legs down, up and down again on the joints causing the image to 'stand'

The largest crab provides body parts that be individually cut out, laminated and trimmed to construct crab modelsusing balls of dough.

Build the play environment with real sand, pebbles and plant.

Counting activities using playdough, golf tees and numberlines
Crab number line 1 - 10
Number line counting 11 - 20
Print and laminate crab themed numberlines to bring numeracy and digits 1-20 into young children's play.

Roll a length of dough and insert golf tees. Use marbles to mark off each count.
 Number line 1 - 10    

 Number line 11 - 20  

crab Share the importance and life of crabs during your play with some amazing crab facts on  Warning: facts 15 to 17 show meat production.  Get to know these crustaceons and how they too demonstrate pain - on Science.time  

crab  How to go Vegan 

Plastic aquarium fish tank plant
Coloured wobbly eyes - buy on
Word and picture flashcards - beach seaside theme for young preschool children


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