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Playdough activity ideas for children and adults Recycling buttons into playdough stamps

If like us you've an overflowing pot of spare fasten-upperers eagerly awaiting a fresh new purpose this idea might be just the thing! Upcycle your odds, finds, donations and specific buys into impressive impression makers!

Plastic, metal and wood all work really well and for buttons that have a shank/back loop use a knife to create a slot in the top of your cork, press the shank in firmly and check how flush the fit is before gluing the button securely in place. Collect themed button sets and turn them into design tools that help children celebrate a time of year or maybe an event, exploring how 'positive' buttons make negative moulds, mirror images or a reverse reflection of themselves in the surface of playdough.   

Recycling old and new buttons into playdough surface stamps


 a quantity of playdough  - handmade recipe

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any variety of button - metal, plastic animals, wood


glue gun  

a knife  

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 and other Dress it up button packs  
press a groove into the top of the cok to fit back fastening buttons in place

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buttons made into playdough stamps

Playdough stamps made from buttons and corks

Recycled button playdough stampers creating patterns on the surface

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