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Playdough activity ideas for children and adults Hedgehog playdough mats and prickle building! Hedgehogs are cute, rolled up balls or night time travellers who like many of our native wild animals need a little help staying safe and well.  The printables below can be used to share messages about hogs, their behaviour and what to look out for so that everyone knows what to do if  they ever encounter a prickly character out during the daytime, have a garden with a pond or check list tickingin the run up to/on November 5th.  Enjoy planning your firework evening with these bonfire building tips from  and the RSPCA's page for hedgehogs   

Hedgehog playdough activity

Source a variety of spine materials, scissors and dough. Print the playdough mat and laminate it to prevent the dough from sticking to and staining the paper.  Roll sized balls of playdough and explore what hedgehogs are all about!

Resources needed for this playdough activity
Links are to

 A quantity of brown playdough - handmade dough recipe

Prickles - spaghetti, twigs, broom bristles, craft stems, snipped drinking straws, natural matchsticks, straw shafts   

 scissors  and extruder tools

Hedgehog printables

Hedgehog playdough mat
 Hedgehog outline colouring picture  

 Hedgehog colouring playdough picture      
Hedgehog prickly building playdough activity
Click to view and print the full sized hedgehog playdough mat
Hedgehog outline template
Hedgehog colouring playdough picture

For more information pop by Tiggy winkles and Willow Hedgehog rescue.

and for a more permanent hedgehog sculptures, use airdry clay or salt dough and roll a ball to model a pointy snout. With a ball tool create 2 nostril and 2 eye indentations and gently score the face  with strokes to resemble fur. Using similar spine materials insert short pieces into the body section and build you hog's prickly body. If you find spaghetti a little too frustrating, sturdier resources such as matchsticks, snipped kebabsticks or tree twigs are excellent alternatives.

Airdry clay  or salt dough and   Ball tool set 

Modelling hedgehogs from permanent clay or salt dough

Buy left and right handed children's safety scissors on
Buy extruder tools on
Buy laminators and pouches on

Ball sculpting tools
Buy white airdry clay to make permanent hard sculpted decorations


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