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Playdough activity ideas for children and adults The EU, European Union's flag in a themed playdough activity, with an azure blue background and circle of 12 yellow stars, celebrate the unity of the countries working together to make life and trade better in the UK. Not all countries in Europe are members of the European Union, this dough activity is one way to raise awareness of their names,their flags and to open conversation about holiday destinations, family and the people who live in other countries.
EU European Union flag playdough activity

The 7 continents of the world; a's and e - Antarctica, Australia, Asia, Africa, South America, North America and Europe. There are 50 countries in Europe, only 28 of them are in the European Union.

 The world - our planet Earth outline template from + a laminator

Resources needed for this playdough activity

Links are to

quantity of blue and yellow playdough - handmade recipe
Star cutters            

World atlas balls  

Printouts: EU flag - List of EU countries - small EU flags 

EU European Union flag - blue with yellow stars
List of 28 EU country names
EU flag printables - small role play pictures
Theworld outside - take playdough activities to all areas of play
The EU European Union flag playdough activity  

Europe jigsaw puzzle
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In addition to the list of countries, small and large EU flags above, these smaller flags can be made and used to decorate a playdough Europe. Each contains a country's name and it's national flag - print, cut out, fold in half, position a drinking straw or stick at the fold and glue the two sides together securing the stick in place.
Flags of the EU European Union

EU countries sheet 1 - EU countries sheet 2 - EU countries sheet 3 - 7 continents of the world

Sheet 1 of small EU member country flags  
Sheet 2 of the EU member state countries flags
Sheet 3 of the EU member state countries flags
Coloured continents of the world - asia africa antarctica australia north america south america europe
Early learning activities
colours, shapes and the world as a sphere.
land, water and air  
identify where chldren live on a map or an atlas
discover where holidays have been taken and if family and friends live in EU countries.
design a flag. Use laminated sheets to create with playdough, paper and pencils to draw out ideas and cameras to record the art.
explore the 7 land mass continents of our planet Earth
use words to extend children's knowledge of the EU in support of equality, diversity & safeguarding.

 the EU and Human Rights  - the EU and wildlife + animal welfare - the EU and food labelling - protecting allergy sufferersthe EU and CE toy safety

For reference

 European Union and  the European E A on  

The countries in Europe 


The world's continents jigsaw puzzle
 Continents of the world floor puzzle  
World atlas balls  

Continents of the world jigsaw floor puzzle
Extending activities - continents jigsaw puzzle
Buy small world atlas - foam balls


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