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Playdough recipes - edible and non-edible
an alphabetical list of playdough activities and ideas
playdough colour themed activity ideas for children's play and adults well-being
Playdough activity ideas for children and adults Adult playdough activities with doh aren't imited by age, oler enthusiasts can enjoy the benefits of a muscular workout and the creative opportunities as much as children. So if your preference is a tub of pre-made play-doh or a mound of homemade dough please read on enjoy any suggestions you find relevant. This list is a beginning, if you've any suggestions you'd like to share please feel free to get in toucch, email: xx
Bringing the garden inside
sensory playdough where herbs, flowers and spices are collected from outdoors and combined with playdough to evoke the senses and support conversation - lavender, rosemary, artemesia, mint and sage

Playdough sensory activity for adults to enjoy scented modelling and sculpting

Playdough stress relievers or hand exercisers 
fill & knot balloons to make great distraction or focussing tools that are clean & portable. Use curling ribbon as shredding element and the neck section from plastic bottles to help keep the balloons open enough for easier filling.

Please discard of broken balloons carefully - impact of balloons on wildlife + balloons blow don't let them go campaign   

Balloons filled with playdough - adult hand strengtheners or stress balls

Bird seed pastry balls
Okay so not playdough in the conventional sense, rather dough that you can still model & 'play' with!
Make up a batch of pastry by combining flour, oil and birdseed, grated apple, berries, ground peanuts and enough water to bind all the ingredients together. Once kneaded, shape as wished & put out immediately, leave to harden or freeze and serve when wanted. Place it under cover on bird tables, on & around tree branches or atop fence posts. This
is a great vegan or vegetarian fatball pastry recipe that avoids the animal fats usually found in commercial products.

(photos of the pastry in action as soon as I've a better camera or the birds hold still for long enough!!)

Ingredients to make vegan vegetarian fatball pastry bird feeders Bird seed pastry dough - vegetarian vegan fatball recipe Vegetarian bird seed fatball pastry ready for freezing

Holding flower stems in place
Fill and decorate containers with playdough in any variety of pattern or design and use to hold paper crafted or artificial flower stems in place.

Adult playdough activity - flower arranging putty

Face reconstruction!
Get creative with mannequin heads using dough, plastercine or clay and a variety of collage materials.
Homemade playdough may crystallise if left to air dry but commercial compounds will last much longer.

mannequin head on

Model playdough over an adult mannequin head

Grandchild, babysitting & child minding services
Pack up a bag of playdough tools for times when children visit or you visit children!
tub of play-doh - floor covering - rolling pins - cutters - extruders - plates for serving & sharing

Salt dough decorations
With adjustments to the ingredient quantities for playdough, salt dough is an excellent compound for modelling decorations to hang, display and gift.

Purpose for an outcome
The process of creativity is all important and is the main focus when sourcing resources that help children to discover, develop and learn independently, however as adults a use for the finished product might take equal prominenece when considering how we spend our time. A few ideas could be photography and creating pieces of art that feature in a gallery, stop motion videos and fundraising events.

How other adults use playdough

UK's Eleanor Macnair renders famous photographs in play-doh  
Battery powered LED playdough kits demonstrate the flow & circuitry of electrical currents work
Preschool practioners plan how to use playdough to support young children's development

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