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playdough colour themed activity ideas for children's play and adults well-being
Playdough activity ideas for children and adults Playdough and sunflower seeds offer interesting opportunities to create patterned designs in the surface of dough. Position the small black & white striped seeds of the huge sunflower plant in arrangements alongside other loose media such as buttons and beads that add variety and choice to the activity. Explore the work of Andy Goldsworthy and Mandala stone art. Sow seeds between March and April and harvest the heads during late summer, drying the seeds for feeding the birds over winter, creative craft projects and remembering to save some to grow again in the spring! Laminated play dough sets now available on Ebay

Sunflower playdough idea for children's summer holiday activities
sunflower Resources
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 Yellow playdough recipe or Play-Doh on

Sunflower seeds for play & to grow

yellow and brown buttons

Storage pot eg. recycled body butter container


Seed container lid label and insert

Sunflower playdough mat

Sunflower outline template 
Sunflower playdough collage for children's summer time activities

Sunflower storage pot label and insert
Sunflower playdough mat
Sunflower outline template
PLaydough number 10 tower stack
6 small sunflower heads to count and decorate playdough

sunflower Sunflower maths, counting activity using a numbered plantpot sheet to ask 'how many pieces of a paper straw need to cut to build the stalk of a summer sunflower'.
Plant pot playdough mat
Plant pots and numbered discs to personalise your preschool maths resources

Prepare the activity printables using:

 Sunflower heads - paper or artificial  

 Plantpot playdough mats - with numbers or plain

 Sunflower number line

Sunflower playdough counting maths activity for preschool early years children
Combining storytime with playdough activities
sunflower Introduce dice and adapt the activity into a game where turns are taken to reach the stalk number specified on the plantpot.

Use mathlinks to build stalks, exploring how more means taller or longer and less is  shorter, smaller. Expand to number bonds, using pairs to reach 10 or 20.  

FLOWER car check words
sunflower  FLOWER car check list for vehicle maintenance!
sunflower More information on the AA website  

Making paper pots to sow sunflower seeds

sunflower Harvesting and drying sunflower seeds in the UK

sunflower Buy sunflower themed number sheets on ebay
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Yellow and brown craft buttons on
Green paper art straws
Buy artificial Gerbena flower heads on
It starts with a seed - children's picture book on
Children's picture book - The Sunflower Sword

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