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Playdough recipes - edible and non-edible
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playdough colour themed activity ideas for children's play and adults well-being
Playdough activity ideas for children and adults Rainbow heart playdough for Valentine's day and for sharing a doughy passion throughout the year!
Using coloured play-doh, glitter, buttons and printables enjoy this year's celebrated day of affection with words and actions that help to make each of us feel valued and welcome. Find out how different colours make you feel, why that might be and which colour, if any is prefered - colour psychology

rainbow hearts playdough for Valentine's day

Activity ingredients ..

Play-doh - rainbow selection on

Glitter and craft buttons for surface decoration 

Colours of the rainbow playdough mat

Valentine's Day rainbow heart

Rainbow heart - roll cut & receal playdough mat

Heart shaped colour name labels      
Valentine's Day rainbow heart play dough activities

Colours in a rainbow Valentine's day heart
Things to do on Valentine's day and all year round!
Playdough rainbow hearts roll cut and reveal sheet
Colours of the rainbow hearts for labelling playdough activities

Activity ideas include
Identifying and labelling the different colour names of a rainbow
Rolling, cutting, stacking and decorating
Exploring pereferences, feelings and personal views. 

Get creative with your rainbow playdough and the many coloured hearts designs it can make. 

Rainbow coloured heart shaped playdough for Valentines Day activities
Rainbow hearts made from play dough for Valentine's day colour naming activities
Playdough rainbow hearts - a ring of colour
Stack of playdough heart shapes in a rainbow of colours

A stack of red heartfelt playdough, share the doughy love this Valentine's day!
heart framed playdough mat - red heart table confetti  

Valentine's day playdough heart mat - sculpting activity sheet
Stacking playdough hearts in a tower of Valentine's day love!

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Red heart table confetti
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Mixed selection of craft buttons
Food colouring for handmade playdough
Play-doh colours
paper art straws on


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