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Playdough activity ideas for children and adults Handmake a Christmas playdough gift this year by personalising a jar and filling it with green dough, a few short strands cut from a beaded garland, a shaped cookie cutter and an Xmas tree lid topper that doubles as a mould. Attach a label and address it to any playdough loving sculpter.

Festive essence of Christmas tree to scent the dough on

Handmade Christmas playdough gift sets

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Printout: Yule tree & gift label

 A quantity of playdough - handmade dough recipe

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Empty jars with lids
Bead garlands and cookie dough cutters

Access to a laminator & laminating pouch

General purpose glue & red glitter (optional)

Christmas tree playdough gift set - printables to personalise
Assemble your gift by making a batch of green playdough and filling up your choosen jar.  
Position snipped lengths of bead garland around the outer edge so they can be seen from the outside or place them on top of the dough once the jar's been filled.

Print and cut out the label, threading a piece of string through and including a cookie cutter. Attach them both to the neck of the jar.  

Print, cut out and laminate the Christmas tree, then curl it around into the shape of a cone. Check that it fits over the jar lid and sticky tape the cone edges together and then again to the top of the lid. If wanted use a general purpose adhesive and red glitter to decorate the illustrated baubles. Use the cone as a mould by filling it with dough, releasing it gently by squeezing it and creating tree shapes that can be decorated, rolled and cut out!

Making playdough Christmas tree moulds to decrate

Address your label & gift ...

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