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Playdough activity ideas for children and adults Playdough holly berries is a dough ball rolling activity helping to support children's fine motor skills and their familiarity with numbers and counting. It's also a nice way to open conversation about the season and the foods that birds seek out at this time of year. Mould and sculpt beads of varying size and trail them through a shallow tray of sparkly glitter before decorating a personal or illustrated holly tree as below. Use the trees as sorting and collection points, adding numbered discs as labels that identify a quantity required or a total reached.

Holly berry playdough and glitter counting activity

  Red playdough - handmade dough recipe

Holly bush and berry playdough mats

Number discs 1 - 20

Blank holly berry discs

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Chalk markers to write on the laminated images
Children's digital camera to record work
Red glitter
Holly bush and berry sculpting playdough mats
Red berry number discs 1 to 20
Holly berry disc counters
Playdough and glitter holly berries - preschool counting quantities activity  
 Christmas Yuletide holly berry playdough counting activity and picture printables

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