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Playdough activity ideas for children and adults A unicorn, horse and zebra playdough activity that enables the exploration of a whole range of rainbow colours & patterns. Focus in on the three body part names that these equus family members all share - mane, tail and forelock and enjoy the construction process using yarn knots, curled craft stems, dyed pasta spirals and rolled out lengths of dough to show the similarities and identify the differences between a mythological unicorn, the familiar horse or pony and wild zebra.

Unicorn rainbow, horse body parts and Zebra pattern stripes playdough activities

Resources needed for this playdough activity
Links are to

Quantities of coloured playdough - handmade dough recipe

A selection of acrylic yarn colours

Unicorn horns -  gold craft stems or yellow dyed pasta spirals                          
 scissors and extruder tools for manes, forlocks & tails
Print and laminate the preferred palydough mat images:
 Black and white horse outline left side
 Black and white horse outline right side
 Brown horse outline left side
 Brown horse outline right side  

basic horse outline template for unicorn and zebra playdough activities
basic horse outline template for unicorn and zebra playdough activities
Brown horse template printable - left side
Brown horse printable picture - right side
Use tools to achieve horse manes, fails and forelock

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For unicorns, twist and curl golden craft stems around pencils, pens or wooden dowelling and use the playdough as a holding compound for the spiral horns. Alternatively, yellow fusilli pasta shapes can be used and positioned as the unicorn's most distinguishable feature.

For horses, cut, trim and position coloured knots of yarn for swishing flicking tails, manes and forelocks.

Zebras offer the opportunity to create patterns of black and white. Roll short lengths of dough to fill the inner space of the outline template and tap the rhythm of the selected colours eg. black , white, black, white, black, black, white
Extend activities to encourage individual model making and sculptures that are truly unique.

unique sculptures using playdough and collage materials


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