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Playdough activity ideas for children and adults Frozen playdough.. brrrrr, well not necessarily so cold! If you're curious enough to combine real frozen ice chips with a mound of playdough or put some in the freezer then the result will be a gloriously tactile experience! We took a drier, slightly warmer and arguably less interesting route, enjoying the dough with rollers, cutters, characters, bricks and a fragrance that reminds us of winter!

Froxen icecube playdough, building activity idea

There are many other resources you can introduce to a chilly Frozen themed activity such as snowflake confetti, artificial snow, gems and chunks of clear smooth acrylic. We also included a selection of blue and white reusable ice cubes that have a soft, pliable outer shell and are filled with sterile water. They proved excellent at showing the condition of being frozen and thawe, making a sloshy sound and were safe enough to handle without the worry of 'skin sticking' or spilling!

Frozen playdough recipe or buy sparkly Pay-Doh on

 150gm plain flour
 100gm salt
 200ml water
 1 tablespoon oil
 1 tablespon cream of tartar
 a few drops of blue food colouring
 spearmint or winter green essential oil

Chalk pens

Frozen snowflake printables:

Colour snowflake playdough mat

abc playdough letter mat for shape activities

Frozen snowflakes number activity sheet - cut, cover & count preschool

Snowflake outline template design 1

Snowflake outline template design 2

Print and laminate the snowflake pictures of your choice and position them on a tabletop to use as a playdough mat. Create your role play scenes on top and maybe visit to print yourself an Olaf who can join in the fun and games!
Frozen themed playdough activity
Add reusable icecubes to frozen themed playdough activity
Develop children's play further with LED ice cubes that stack, hold them together with pieces of play dough and build around them with white lego bricks, creating walls, gateways, and castles. Cover these constructions with playdough and then decorate the surface with glittery sequins. 
Snowflake playdough mat free printable
Frozen abc letters playdough mat
Frozen activity sheet - counting playdough snowflakes
Snowflake outline template
Snowflake outline template - playdough mat printable

The choice of loose media is vast, select a variety of different itemsthat will add fun to your playdough activities.  

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Snowflake playdough cutters
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Another nice activity, is to use Disney's Frozen colouring pictures Elsa in her coronation dress and Anna in her gown. Colour in the picture with pencils then use an empty laminated pouch as a tracing sheet. Secure this on top of the coloured picture with a paper clip at each corner. Use dough and  craft gems to create personalised designs and draw in the finer details with chalk pens. Photograph the artwork and add to a gallery.

Anna, frozen playdough design activity
Essa, frozen playdough activity isea

Frozen playdough Olaf activity - do you want to build a snowman?
 craft matchsticks, black stones and white playdough

Craft matchsticks use with crayons or pens to colour brown or gather twigs from outside
Small black fish tank aquarium stones on
A selection of wobbly eyes on
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Craft matchsticks use with crayons or pens to colour brown or gather twigs from outside
 or an Elsa snowflakes & gems activity snowflake cutters, gems & playdough,

Frozen Olaf playdough activity
Frozen playdough Elsa activity
Combining Disney's Frozen characters with a set of playdough colours.

Disney's Frozen characters with playdough

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  Snowflake skies playdough activity page and ping pong ball snowmen   

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