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Playdough activity ideas for children and adults Beanstalk playdough and the season of spring as it brings a flurry of new baby birds, leaf buds and the colourful arrival of springtime flowers. This dough activity can be used to support younger children's mathematical skills as dough stalks are rolled, measured, decorated with leaves and dressed with curling tendrils. Descriptive language helps to explore size, position and quantity, and of course storytelling. Beanstalk tips are notorious for using cloud cover to cloak the arrival of would-be-tresspassers .. our Giant's story a little later! for now ask your dough-happy participants what they think might lie above the white fluffy cloud sitting atop their tallest, mid or shortest beanstalk!

Beanstalk playdough activities

Activities include collage, numbers, sequencing, mark-making and storytelling.

Beanstalk playdough resources
Some of the following links are to

a quantity of green playdough - recipe

leaves - paper, artificial or real

green craft stems & curling ribbon for winding tendrils
scissors and extruder tools

measuring equipment: mathlinks

white materials for clouds  eg. tissue, paper, polyfibre

fibre slime recipe -optional gloopy play!

Buld 3D playdough beanstalks
making beanstalk green playdough

Cloud writing - early mark making

The following links are to 4x playdough role play printables and 11 beanstalk sequencing cards

single beanstalk picture for collage

3 beanstalks - size sorting preschool activity
sheet of beanstalk leaves

Cloud outline template  

Beanstalk growing labels & runner bean seed
Bean germination and sequence cards  

Beanstalk growth - leaves and flowers

Harvesting the runner beans  

Water and the sun to help beanstalks to grow  

Bees and worms to help beanstalks grow   

Click to view and print the single beanstalk playdough mat
Playdough beanstalk size sorting - preschool mathematical language
Beanstalk leaf printable for adding character to playdough activities
Beanstalk cloud outline template pattern guide
Growing beanstalks - sequencing cards for preschool learning
Runner bean germination sequencing cards
Growing beanstalks sequencing activity
Grown beanstalk and bean picking harvest sequence card
Water and sun help beanstalks to grown and flower
Bees and worms help beanstalks to grow and fruit

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Green curling ribbon on
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Vegetable patch board game for preschool early years table top activities
Buy Jasper's Beanstalk preschool book on
Buy mathlink cubes on
Bean plant lifecycle sequence cards  
Fibre slime filled beanstalk centres!
We prepared a few rolls of playdough with 'edible fibre slime as the core and had bowls of the flubbery stuff to use as wished.

 Fibre slime recipe

 16gm Pysillium Husk powder, 1pt warm water + 6.00 minutes in a 600w  microwave.
 It will be hot, once cold it takes on a likeness to the consistency of borax slime.  
Alternatively cook over heat until the liquid becomes a thick gel.

Fibre slime filled playdough beanstalks

More activities

5 Peas in a pea pod number rhyme can be adapted for runner beans!

Planting runner beans - seed sowing between Febraury - April  - paper pot maker on  


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