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Playdough activity ideas for children and adults Daylight Saving Time controversial, innovative, necessary or not, whichever view you rest with, the hour that's currently skipped on the last Sunday of spring's March, putting us on BST - British Summer Time and then back again to GMT - Greenwich Mean Time at the end of autumn's October means that for 7 months our UK evenings gain a little light. 
Why do we need to save an hour of light? Royal Museums Greenwich
When do the clocks go back / forward

Daylight Saving Time begins in March - leap forward with playdough sun clocks
Daylight Saving TIme ends in October - fall back one hour with sun clocks and autumn leaves
These two dates provide the opportunity to explore clocks, how we measure time, the sun, light & dark and numbers 1 to 12 or more if using 24 hour resources. It can be fun to examine a day and order the events that make up its routine, from waking & dressing in the morning to storytime and sleep last thing at night. A few meaningful items representing the season are also a nice inclusion to the table, enabling everyone to craft their own vision of a sun clock and share how the directional phrases 'fall back' and 'leap forward' can help promote the way in which each light saving or returning hour is headed.

Resources for this playdough activity

Playdough - handmade dough recipe                    

Loose media decoration  
links are to

Paper straws & craft stems - optional to decorate the sun clocks
Yellow and orange pony beads
Number cutters and shape cutters   

Small clock faces outline printable 

Larger clock face dials - printable

Clock faces to decorate the suns
larger time keeping face dials for playdough clock building
Sun clock playdough activity - daylight saving time or British summer time activity  

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Clocks go forward - Spring 

Clocks fall back - Autumn

 Leap forward with rabbit 

 Fall back with autumn leaves  
Clocks go forward an hour on the last Sunday of spring's March
Clocks fall back one hour onthe last Sunday of autumn's October
Leap forward with the clocks this March
Fall back with the clocks this October

Additional activity ideas

Hickory Dickory Dock    

Happy Hoppy springtime rabbits - primrose leaves 

Autumn  colours, scents and leaf printables

How to make a sun dial

Preschool picture books  

What's the time Mr Wolf    
Toy clocks on


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