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Playdough activity ideas for children and adults Formula one playdough racing game! colour your car, build your driver, line up with finger-pinch grips at the ready and countdown to race .. This first-post-the-post playdough activity aims to have contestants race their cars without the driver losing their head! With a large speed-whizz trophy as the prize or smaller ones to congratulate everyone on taking part you can explore jumpy starts, too fast for safety and speed that takes the flag...

Playdough racing car game activity idea


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 F1 racing car playdough mats

Racing car outline template - large colouring picture

Two smaller racing car outline templates

Red and Yellow F1 cars

Green and Blue F1 cars

Golden racing trophy

4x trophies pictures

Trophy outline template - colouring picture

Print the playdough mats of your choice, trim, laminate and trim again. Punch a hole at the front of each car and for independant activities attach a short piece of string so that children can hold their cars and 'drive' slide their vehicles around.  

Personalise blank cars by colouring in a laminated outline using chalk pens or white board markers. To help avoid any disappointment about the permanence of these pens take a photo of the art work so that if any should rub off or smudge a record is available for the children to look at.

Build a car's driver by rolling two balls of dough, a body and a head and position them atop each other in the seat area of the racing car.

For supervised group games, knot longer lengths of string to the cars so that they reach across the width or length of a table or are long enough to hold onto during a walking backwards floor race!

With the cars + their head & body drivers in position line them up along the furthest edge of the table with players on the opposite side. On the sound of GO pull the strings using finger pinches to draw the cars towards them and over a finishing line.

If a driver loses their head before crossing the finishing line & the checked flag, the player could be out until the next game or be expected to place their car back at the start line to try again?
colouring in racing cars with chalk marker pens
Hole punch cars to tie on string

F1 Racing car outline template colouring picture racing car outline templates x2

Green and blue racing car playdough mats
Red and yellow racing car playdough game pieces
Trphy outline template colouring picture
Trophy playdough mat
sheet of trophy pictures

For young children's learning, mathematics and numeracy this activity supports knowledge of position, number and enjoys the type of language that describes speed and time. Group games encourage social skills and the cars can be used to discuss transport, hobbies and sport.

Get creative by encouraging children to design their own race cars on laminated paper that's either blank, predrawn with an outline or a coloured picture and have fun outside with their own cars or small replica cars. Race down tracks made from planks of wood, plastic drainpipe or over concrete paving and tarmac. 

Build racing car driver's head and body from playdough

The Early Learning Centre once sold a racing car playdough toy in thier Soft Stuff range which seems to of been discontinued, ebay and other auction sites are great for sourcing these otherwise unavailable sets.

Racing car playdough toy set from ELC early learning center soft stuff

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Construction site and playdough cement


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