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Playdough recipes - edible and non-edible
an alphabetical list of playdough activities and ideas
playdough colour themed activity ideas for children's play and adults well-being
Playdough activity ideas for children and adults  List of playdough activities

This page lists all the activity ideas that are available on this site and over at

Playdough ideas, recipes and printables

Croissant playdough 
Popcorn playdough activities
Poppy playdough
Pizza playdough box templates
Minions playdough activities
Pumpkin patch counting game  
Lego and playdough activities
Turkey playdough feathers
Playdough games list
Umbrellas and raindrops
Spider web playdough mats
Bedtime bear  
F1 formula one racing car playdough game
Shape playdough mats and outline tracing sheets
Face mats for playdough activities
Sunflower seeds playdough
Playdough mash - using tools from the kitchen drawer!
Brussels Sprouts squashing & counting game
Easter bunny lollipop beads threading & number sheets
Bowtruckle playdough activity 
Rays of sunshine playdough
Tadpole tails playdough counting
Superhero capes and landscape rescues
Daffodil playdough  
Turning buttons into playdough stamps
Hungry monsters munching playdough
Lemon scented playdough pancakes for Shrove Tuesday
Beanstalk playdough rolling, measuring and sequencing cards.
Fibre slime recipe - a flubbery putty dough!
Playdough activity ideas for adults - the beginning of an ongoing collection!
Valentine's day playdough & pictures with lots of heart :)
Lavender hugs for a scented playdough experience!
Grumpy Troll & the Billy Goats Gruff story & playdough game
Rainbow heart stacks for Valentine's Day
Gingerbread playdough recipe and gift bag topper
Cranberry playdough recipe
Playdough cement for block building
Christmas play dough gift set - a jar full of Xmas tree decorating!
The Snow Angel storybook & role playing play dough activities
Beans on bread counting
Acorn cups - counting activities  
Holly berry and glitter counting activity 
Wiggly worm playdough and soil patch counting
Firework playdough - black playdough and glitter crackling sparklers
Ping pong eyeballs - Halloween vamopires and moon monsters
Ping pong snowball & snowpeople stacking
Pumpkin shapes  
Daylight Saving Time - sun clocks 
Halloween witch and wizad hat jars - playdough gifts
Mummy Wraps - Eygypt or Halloween playdough activity
Embossing and design printing on the surface of dough
Panda Bear black & white playdough activities  
Mer Island - a mermaid and mermen playdough activity
EU European Union flag playdough activities
Incy Wincy Spider playdough activity  
Hickory Dickory Dock nursery rhyme - mouse modelling & time
Cl'awesome crabs playdough activity
Birthday cake & pretend candle blowing      
Unicorn, horse and zebra playdough activities
Twiggy bird nest, chick and egg playdough activity
Valentine's Day heart and word reveal printables
Hedgehog prickles 
Vapour rub sensory playdough!  
Orange peel and whole clove squashies  
Twinkle Twinkle little star playdough 
Snowflake skies with a snowman playdough mat printable

Contact lens solution slime recipe - no borax 
Blackberry playdough recipe
Grass soup playdough recipe
Pumpkin spiced playdough recipe
Wholemeal playdough recipe
Sand clay recipe for beach themed handprint plaques  
Hanndmade play dough recipe
Conductive LED playdough

On Silkysteps
This activity is on Harvest scarecrow's straw filling
This activity is on Happy hoppy rabbits  
This activity is on Autumn leaf colours and scents
This activity is on Sandy dough egg hatchlings  
This activity is on Parrot squawk and the monkey pirates
This activity is on Skeleton bones  
This activity is on Wall building and 10 green bottles  
This activity is on Yule Christmas tree dressing
This activity is on Candy cane twists  
This activity is on Yule log Mouse's winter home  
This activity is on Fir cone scales  
This activity is on Reindeer sleigh
This activity is on Wrap up warm winter worm

 This activity is on Bird seed playdough
This activity is on Night time sky  
This activity is on This little piggy
This activity is on Ladybird wings and spots
This activity is on
Bumble bee stripes
This activity is on Snail shell spirals  
This activity is on Cauldron bubbles
This activity is on Ghostly faces
This activity is on Flower pot petals  
This activity is on Apple counting and blending brown  
This activity is on Cup cake toppings  
This activity is on Woolly sheep curls  
This activity is on Dragon bodies  
This activity is on Frog faces  
This activity is on Ocean deep and under the sea role play
This activity is on Horse chestnut conkers  
This activity is on Lavender's blue dilly dilly
This activity is on Cat colours    
This activity is on Valentine's day hearts  



 Playdough Recipes
 Edible playdough recipes
 Not for eating playdough recipes

 An alphabet of playdough

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 Seasonal playdough activities  
 Playdough books  
 Colour themed playdough activities
 Mixed - metallic rainbow and duos
 Red playdough
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 Brown playdough
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 White playdough


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