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Playdough activity ideas for children and adults Unicorn playdough activities

Here you'll find a rainbow dusting activity, a
cloud counting unicorn game, unicorn outline templates waiting to be filled with colour and clipart for cropping and decorating your documents. There's also a small unicorn gift box template ready to print, cut and present little pots of glitter, sequins or beads to your unicorn playdoughers.
Unicorn playdough activity - dusting rainbows
 Unicorn playdough cloud counting game
Unicorn playdough prictures
Rainbow mica powder for dusting unicorns

Print the unicorn characters, laminate and trim. Then using playdough sculpt a rainbow world the little unicorns can live and play in. Make the rainbows from mica powder. using the tip of a unicorn brush to scrape the coloured mica from it's container. Dip the brush bristles into the shimmer and then dust the playdough models.

Unicorn game - cloud counting with playdough

Unicorn playdough cloud counting game for preschool nursery number activities

This counting game activity is ideal for children aged 2 to 6 who are experiencing their first, or continuing an adventure with numbers 1 to 20.  The aim of the game is to fill the gap between the two rainbow platforms with a pre-determined quantity of playdough clouds that enable the unicorn to bound and leap across the 'fluffy' pathway to reach the other side where a barrel of yummy apples awaits. Eat them and share them out between the other unicorn players.

Each player will need:
  • a unicorn counter
  • set of apples (equal number as participants so that there is one each) 
  • a barrel
  • dice
  • set of  cloud number cards 
  • white playdough 
Unicorn game player pieces
Unicorn game cloud number cards
Unicorn game board 1
Unicorn board game 2

Set up the game
  Unicorn game pieces and how to play guide

  Rainbow platform 1  Rainbow platorm 2  

  Cloud number cards    

1. Print all the pieces needed, cut out, laminate and trim again. Sticky tape the two rainbow platform bases together at the centre line.  

2. Decide together how many clouds are going to be needed for the unicorns to reach from one rainbow platform to the other.

3. Then take turns rolling the dice and modelling that quantity of white playdough clouds, positioning them within the middle space. Children's unicorns can leap cloud to cloud as soon as they are made or wait until all the clouds are finished and the crossing can happen in one journey.

4. Once a Unicorn has reached its barrel of apples they can be eaten and shared!

If wanted, use the numbered cloud cards to keep track of the amount being made. Line individual cards up in sequence or cross them off of the sheet with a marker. Plastic unicorn figures can also be used in place of the card ones and 20mm green beads as the apples.

Outline printables

Unicorn gift box template

Sleeping unicorn outline picture

Unicorn oultine picture

Cute unicorn clipart pictures

Unicorn gift box template printable
Sleeping unicorn outline template colouring picture
Unicorn outline template colouring picture
Cute unicorn clipart pictures

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Unicorn mould

This cute GO CREATE unicorn mould set was originally sold byTesco, if you can get your hands on it, it'll be a great addition to anyunicorn lover's dough box.

Unicorn mould
Unicorn horse and pegasus modelling mould set
Playdough unicorn pegasus models

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