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Playdough activity ideas for children and adults  Playdough News these are continued from the front page and list all the activities, updates, stories and links that have been added to the site.

New playdough activity idea   2016 and 2017 are now archived here

News for May 2018

Whisker snipping!  roll tapered threads of playdough and use scissors to practice fine motor skills whilst dressing animal faces with eyelashes and vibrissa! 
Whisker rolling playdough mats

Enjoy the Royal Wedding today with some popcorn box outlines, wobbly eyes and a mound of playdough that can be modelled into flag-waving procession goers! 
Popcorn box template

If you're gearing up for some weekend motor sport these outline F1 cars can be laminated, coloured in with chalk pens and playdough used to make each car a head & body racing driver.  Get ready on the start line, get set and rev the engine,  now it's time for GOooooo. Drivers losing their head over this will need to take some time out to rethink their strategy. First past the finish line wins their name on a prestigous golden cup award.

Racing car playdough game

Racing car playdough activity

Outside playing? Forage for little twigs, sticks and sprigs that can decorate a ring of dough and turn it into a bird nest!
Spring time bird nests

Sculpt puffy white playdough clouds for a unicorn game! Use a die to create a bridge from one rainbow platform to the other, whilst sprinkling sparkle dust over the game board ..
Unicorn playdoug game

Still plenty of time to sow seeds for the summer - on RHS  if you're planning on a border filled with sunny sunflowers, savea few seeds to collage designs on the surface of dough - sunflower playdough mats 
Sunflower seed playdough collage

Monday morning in the UK and what better way to start than by setting up a brunch bar with some pretend nutritious  baked beans! Great for counting, sharing and talking about fibrous bodily functions! parp putty jars on  or make your own finger-noisy flubber slime with this borax-free recipe & some little containers.

Baked bean counting

Tadpole time!  roll balls of black dough add silver pony bead eyes and swishy tails  ...
Tadpole playdough

New sunshine playdough mat has been added to support sun awareness activities that compliment the sun safety preschool rhyme 

Mowing the lawn?  Blend up some grass soup and colour children's playdough green! natural dyed playdough recipe 
Sunny playdough mat
Green grass dyed playdough recipe

Wishing everyone a tranquil Bank Holiday weekend, save a handful of sand if you're visiting the coast and mix up some sand clay for handprint keepsakes or dough creations tossed and served from a BBQ  - 10 veggie sausages in a frying pan rhyme and printables over on
Sand clay dough recipe

Play-Doh and The Creation Station have teamed up to offer workshops across the UK for 25 EYFS, Year one class schools. For more information please visit the article on and  application on this page 

News for April 2018

Dough Buddies by Kiddy Dough on  These lovely little playdough stampers make great role play characters to join in the fun of our Monster playdough mats
Kiddy Dough Buddies - playdough monster character toys
Monster playdough mats

The month of spring showers. Enjoy raindrop sculpting with blue dough and rainbow umbrellas

Create some permanent sculptures this Easter holiday with some fimo clay and an oven!  

Playdoiugh raindrops
News for March 2018

At the close of March, take a wander through the spring themed playdough ideas on this page ... 
Playdough activities for spring

Make a pond where ripples can be drawn  with fingers
and wriggly tadpoles added for play

Not playdough but polymer clay!
  a new recycled glass bottle light idea over on
Make your own recycled glass bottle lights
Playdough tadpole ponds

  take your modelling to a whole different gaming level ...

Snow dominates!
  print some finger puppets and role play with snowy dough

Snow goose and mice playdough puppet play

News for February 2018  

 Daffodil playdough cone and petal templates for St. David's Day, spring, Ostara and Easter activities

Incy Wincy spider nursery rhyme playdough activities
 Daffodil playdough
Incy Wincy spider playdough nursery rhyme

Happy Valentine's Day Happy Valentine's Day Happy Valentine's Day share a hug, a smile, a thoughtful word and some dough on this day of appreciation. 

Stock up for half term with tubs of Play-Doh that add colour and possibility to children's activities

Valentine's Day isn't far off, plan ahead with printable hearts, sprinkles and rainbows!

Rainbow hearts playdough

Twiggy bird nests. With spring on the way print out some playdough mats and fill with garden birds!

 National Pizza Day! print some box templates and use to deliver your creative toppings
Bird nest playdough mat
National Pizza Day playdough activities

The start of a new playdough activity page featuring watermelons isnow underway ...

Buy a colour copy of the Hickory Dickory Dock printables 
Whole watermelon outline colouring picture
Watermelon and slice outline template
Watermelon slices colouring picture outline

Hickory dickory dock playdough activities

and into the second month of the year we gallop ... this time with a collection of unicorn activity ideas 
Rainbow dusting playdough activity
Unicorn cloud counting game

News for January 2018  

Need a kitchen to  to cook up a playdough storm? have a great range of units just perfect for supporting children's creative ideas.

National croissant day  time to cut  triangles, roll and serve ..

National croissant day

Tadpole tails is a cute early years activity involving paint in zip lock bags, silver beads for eyes and  numbered tails for lining up!

Pancake day is fast approaching,this lemon peel playdough recipe will help everyone have fun flipping and tossing their doughy rounds.
Pancake lemon playdough
Tadpole playdough for the spring season

 Happy popcorn day!  enjoy your activities with some popcorn box templates, characters and modelling on a popcorn playdough mat
Popcorn playdough
Popcorn box templates to hold your playdough collage materials!

Frozen ice themed slime recipe for lots of super slippery tactile fun!

Sort out the kitchen drawer for some unusual dough scultping tools!
Blue white frozen themed slime recipe
Playdough tools from the kitchen drawer

Christmas gift vouchers to spend on  
expand your Play-Doh activities with an I spy style book 

Happy New Year :D  may 2018 be happy, kind and fille with play!  My apologies fo rbeing so quiet throughout December, hoping things will now get back to theirdaily 'ish happenings. Starting with Wrappers & labels, a new section dedicated to helping you repurpose your empty Play-Doh containers.  Wooodgrain wrapper for growing cress seed trees  
A very happy New Year may it bea playdough filled 2018
Recycled Play-Doh containers - cress seed plant pots

Pony beads for collage and threading
buttons for collaging on the surface of playdough
Mixed wooden matchsticks
Glitter tubs to add playdough sparkle
Buy aromatherapy oils on
Colouring playdough to add interest
Buy Play-Doh on
Buy left and right handed children's safety scissors on


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