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Playdough activity ideas for children and adults Recycle your empty Play Doh containers by turning them into a forest of plant pot cress trees using woodgrain wrappers and seeds that can be grown, trimmed and eaten at anytime of the year. Once you've chosen your tubs, make 4 or more drainage holes in the bottom of each one. Use a drill or hot soldering iron and then print the woodgrain bark wrapper, cutting strips to fit around the outter sides of each pot.  3/4 fill them with cotton wool balls or pads and dampen with water. Sprinkle the cress seeds over the surface and leave to germinate. Once grown trim the green tips, wash and add to a sandwich or use as a garnish.


Tree bark wrapper
Plain Play Doh container wrapper outline template

Recycle Play Doh containers cress seed tubs

Woodgrain Play-Doh tub wrapper
Play-Doh container label templates

Making drainage holes in the l;astic Play Doh containers using a drill helps to prevent the cotton woill from becoming water logged. The holes can also be made with a hot solder iron which will melt the plastic, pease make sure this is done in a well ventilated area and with any other precaution that will ensure you stay safe.  

Drainage holes in Play Doh containers
More ways to recycle empty Play-Doh containers


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