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Playdough activity ideas for children and adults How long does it take for Hasbro's DohVinci to dry out?  

The simple design we made in the photo below took about 24 hours for the spongy texture to harden off enough for the pieces to be lifted safely from the surface of a laminated pouch. The underside of each one was still a little damp due mostly to the non-porous plastic which differs to the cardboard cutouts that come as standard with most DohVinci sets. These board shapes are far better at absorbing the Doh's moisture helping to explain why the flower centres piped onto the frame also shown in the photo dried solid after roughly 16 hours! These were also extremely well attached. Planning ahead to use the Deco pop tubes for making gifts means leaving a dry time of about 2 days, a little less if you've a radiator or warm cupboard that the items can left in.

How long does it take for DohVinci to dry out?

Official guidance is a little vague for drying times, publications quote children's skill level which would include the need for the Doh to stay pliable throughout everone's unique creative process, there is also a mention of the Doh's thickness and the environmental influence ie, room warmth and humidity.

Once dry, shapes that have been piped, traced or drawn onto laminated plasticare quite versatile in their uses (we use empty 250gsm pouches passed once through a hot laminator). They can be lifted gently, tested for strength and glued to other projects. We've found they remain quite flexible, wrapping corners and curved surfaces with ease and whilst fairly robust it should be noted that they may well tear if pulled!
Using DohVinci decorations

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