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Playdough recipes - edible and non-edible
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Playdough activity ideas for children and adults  Allergic to playdough? 

This publication from the UK's Food Standards Agency - Top Allergy Types explains 14 allergy triggering ingredients that could be added to playdough either at the recipe stage or as enhancements to the activity once it's in play.

1. celery 2. cereals containing gluten 3. crustaceans 4. eggs  5. fish, 6. lupin 7. milk 8. molluscs 9. mustard 10. nuts 11. peanuts 12. sesame seeds  13. soya 14. sulphur dioxide

Gluten free playdough recipe

Playdough and allergy types

The quantity of salt added to a traditional playdough recipe is considerable. The taste helps to prevent children and adults ingesting a dangerous amount but pets are at risk from eating a quantiuty that could be fatal - PDSA poisons and hazards  and RSPCA

Please supevise your dough activities and store out of reach when not in use.

Edible playdough recipes  

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